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Electronic Tips and Service Evaluation: Aplauso’s Innovations in the Hotel Business

Electronic Tips and Service Evaluation: Aplauso’s Innovations in the Hotel Business

Aplauso transforms hotel industry with a digital platform for easy service rating and cashless tipping, enhancing guest experience

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Project representative: Lubos Hrasko

Aplauso is a new star rising in the hotel world. Aiming to upgrade the hospitality industry, the interactive platform, Aplauso, allows guests to seamlessly rate services and tip staff electronically. They are replacing the awkwardness of carrying cash and the all-too-late hotel question, ’how was everything’ at the check-out with a cutting-edge solution.

Equipped with a digital kiosk and a QR code system, guests can now show their appreciation for services by tipping via multiple payment channels. Moreover, they can instantly rate services, furnishing hotel management with critical real-time insights about guest satisfaction levels, contributing to an improvment of the hotel’s services and ratings overall.

But Aplauso is not just about giving guests a smooth, cashless tipping experience, it’s also about benefiting hotel managers and staff. Through the platform, hotel managers get a clear gauge of their on-site service quality almost instantly, facilitating more efficient decision making. At the same time, it motivates hotel staff by ensuring due credit (and cash) for their efforts.

Currently, Aplauso have focused on key players in the hospitality sector such as resort managers, hotel owners, and management companies. Chain brands represent a $1.52 trillion global market, highlighting the vast growth potential of the product.

Naturally, there are risks. They are not alone in linking technology with the hotel experience. Aplauso shares the arena with established hospitality management solutions that albeit traditional, hold significant territorial command. Yet, the inability of these systems to adapt to changing digital trends prepares a ground for a disrupter like Aplauso. In contrast with traditional fixed systems, they offers flexibility and immediate tangible advantages, placing it as a noble alternative.

To conclude, Aplauso’s vision is simple and strong: modernize and uplift the hotel industry through a well-integrated and convenient guest service rating and electronic tipping system.

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