Startup Scout Service for Corporates and Venture Funds

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Discover Hidden Gems: Free of charge

Staying ahead means uncovering the most promising startups before they make headlines in the ever-evolving innovation landscape. Our startup scouting service offers an exclusive opportunity for corporations and venture funds to tap into a world of untapped potential.

Every month, our pitch deck generation service becomes a hub for thousands of new ideas and early-stage startups from across the globe. Our extensive database harbours tens of thousands of under-the-radar startups, waiting to be unearthed by the discerning eyes of accelerators, venture capitalists, and corporations.

Our ability to scout these hidden gems for you sets us apart. We possess a wealth of information about these startups and can tailor searches to your specific requirements, be it geography, technology, market, stage, or other parameters. We go beyond conventional databases and public spaces, delving into a treasure trove of innovation others might overlook.

We’re committed to adding value to our clients’ endeavours. As such, we’re offering this scouting service at no cost. We aim to spotlight early-stage startups and attract attention to their potential at this critical juncture of their growth.

Stay ahead of the curve and access innovation that might change the game-partner with us in discovering the startups that have the potential to reshape industries and drive your success. Let’s embark on a journey of exploration and transformation together.

Dima Maslennikov
Founder & CEO
Tel Aviv, Israel - AI pitch deck generator & startup co-pilot | Product Hunt