PitchBob Referral Program: Earn Together by Empowering Entrepreneurs!

PitchBob Referral Program: Earn Together by Empowering Entrepreneurs!

Join our partnership and referral program designed specifically for startup communities, entrepreneur clubs, technology hubs, and business associations.

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PitchBob. io offers a unique and highly sought-after tool that benefits a wide range of participants in your community — an AI-powered service for creating pitch decks and sales decks.

With over 20,000 entrepreneurs who have trusted us with their ideas and more than 5,000 successful presentations and investor kits created, our service is relied upon by hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs worldwide daily.

We pride ourselves on a high conversion rate and the valuable feedback we receive from our users.

Our pricing structure is the most competitive in the market, ranging from $14.90 to $49.90, ensuring that your community members can access our services without financial strain while allowing us to establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

PitchBob is compatible with all-powerful messenger platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, as well as team collaboration platforms like Teams, Slack, and Discord.

This versatility enables seamless integration into your existing communication channels.

Through our partnership program, we aim to tap into your community’s audience while providing you with options to create additional value for your members, generate extra revenue, or both.

We offer a generous discount of up to 50% on all our products, allowing you to customize the distribution of this discount to align with your goals and commission structure.

For larger communities, we also offer the opportunity to develop a white-label solution. This exclusive option enables you to integrate our product seamlessly under your brand, providing your members with a cohesive and tailored experience.

We would love to discuss this referral program further and explore how we can collaborate to empower entrepreneurs within your community.

Let’s connect and unlock new possibilities together!

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Reach out to us today!

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