All in one white label solution for accelerators, incubators, universities, startup studios, venture builders, and venture funds

At PitchBob, we’ve always been driven by the goal of enhancing the startup journey. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a powerful addition to our offerings — Your Own PitchBob, a comprehensive white-label solution tailor-made for accelerators, incubators, and venture capitalists.

The Power of Customization and Integration
Imagine having the prowess of PitchBob’s innovative AI-driven tools at your fingertips, seamlessly integrated into your accelerator, incubator, or VC framework. With "Your Own PitchBob," you can now empower your ecosystem with the same cutting-edge capabilities proven to elevate tech entrepreneurs’ success.

Unlocking Value for Your Entrepreneurs
Your Own PitchBob is designed to create tangible value for the startups in your network. It operates across various popular chat platforms and corporate messengers, offering a familiar and accessible way for entrepreneurs to refine their pitch decks, receive valuable insights, and optimize their investor engagement strategy.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Model
We understand that every organization has unique needs. Whether you operate on a subscription-based model or prefer a profit-sharing arrangement, Your Own PitchBob can be tailored to align with your business approach seamlessly. Our adaptable white-label solution ensures a perfect fit.

How It Works

  • Integration: We seamlessly integrate Your Own PitchBob into your existing ecosystem, maintaining your brand’s identity and the flow of your processes.
  • Empowerment: Entrepreneurs within your network gain access to PitchBob’s powerful tools, providing them with AI-generated pitch decks, feedback, and investor engagement strategies.
  • Value Enhancement: Your ecosystem benefits from increased startup success rates, efficient investor interactions, and cutting-edge resources from "Your Own PitchBob."

Shape the Future with Your Own PitchBob
Join us in revolutionizing how startups are nurtured, developed, and propelled to success. With "Your Own PitchBob", you’re not just adopting a tool — you’re shaping the future of tech entrepreneurship. Contact us today to explore how Your Own PitchBob can elevate your accelerator, incubator, or venture capital operation to new heights. Let’s co-create a more empowered and thriving startup ecosystem together.

The Value

Please bear in mind the value of white-label integration, in addition to operating under your own brand:

  • Monthly, you will view all plans at the start of the month, all outcomes at the end of the month, feedback on the traction of each project, and a monthly assessment of the development dynamics of each startup, assuming they use the bot.
  • You will observe the queries they pose to the bot, what concerns or troubles them, and where they require assistance if they have not sought it themselves.
  • You will witness the results of the competitive analysis for each project.
  • The startups themselves will gain an assistant that will aid them in better sprint planning, responding to questions about their startup’s development, reflecting, and iteratively working on documents.

Want to get PitchBob up and running on your website?

It’s easy. Just copy-paste this code into your site or share it with your web developer

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<script src="" 

Package the ideas of your students, entrepreneurs, or employees.


Conduct a detailed evaluation and assign a score to each project.


Present the results in a ranking format with scores. - AI pitch deck generator & startup co-pilot | Product Hunt