Partnership Offer: Implement PitchBob in Practical Business Education for Universities and Institutes

Partnership Offer: Implement PitchBob in Practical Business Education for Universities and Institutes

Integrate PitchBob into your practical business education curriculum.

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Are you an educational institution dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial talent among your students? PitchBob. io invites universities, institutes, and significant educational organizations to join our partnership program and integrate PitchBob into your practical business education curriculum.

At PitchBob, we understand the significance of hands-on learning experiences in preparing future entrepreneurs.

Our platform empowers aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them the tools and guidance to kickstart their startup journeys.

PitchBob offers a comprehensive suite of features, including idea development, business plan creation, practical learning through interactions with our virtual mentor "Bob," and the ability to create investment-related documents.

By incorporating PitchBob into your business education program, you can offer your students a unique and immersive learning experience.

As part of our commitment to supporting educational institutions, we are thrilled to provide our university partners with a generous 75% discount on all PitchBob products.

This discount applies to up to 300 generations per month. We have ensured this significant discount by covering the direct costs of Bob’s work through the Chat GPT-4 API, reflecting our dedication as a bootstrap startup.

Additionally, the remaining 25% of the product cost can be either borne by the student (equivalent to the price of a lunch) or redeemed by the educational institution itself, granting students free access to our platform through promo codes provided by us.

The partnership process is straightforward:

  • Contact us with a description of your educational institution, including location, academic focus, and student enrollment.
  • We will arrange an introductory call to discuss mutual expectations and establish the framework for our collaboration.
  • Once aligned, we will sign a comprehensive partnership agreement and coordinate a press release to announce our joint initiative.
  • Our expert team will develop a dedicated product tailored to your educational organization’s needs.
  • Upon completion, we will work closely with you to disseminate information about the availability of our platform to your students through your communication channels.
  • We are thrilled about the potential partnership between PitchBob. io and educational institutions like yours.

Together, we can inspire and nurture the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

To explore this exciting opportunity or inquire further, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s join forces in revolutionizing practical business education.

Join us on this transformative journey today!

The PitchBob Team

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