AI VC Analyst 🤓

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💁‍♂️The AI Tool for:

  • "we’re just a few GMs’ limited source VC";
  • non-pro business angels about to decrease risks;
  • corporate VCs like, "hey, I’m just a C-level employee; how should I decide?"
  • amateur newcomers like "hey, I’m an intern analyst, overwhelmed and a bit scared";
  • I’m not about to pay so much for tools like Pitchbook;
  • startup accelerator team like, "omg, I need to find something worthwhile in this pile of crap";
  • "I’m not sure; check this deck, please," investors.

👨‍💻Help you to:

  • scale your due diligence and pipeline analysis;
  • decrease your "they said it’s a bullshit idea" investments;
  • have a look from VC’s point of view;
  • increase your confidence with fast check and second opinion;
  • save time and money on deep-dive analysis;
  • score the whole of your pipeline at scale in a few minutes;
  • improve your investment process and make life easier.

✨How it works:

Did you receive the pitch deck via email or messenger?
Just forward it to PitchBob using any messenger.

PitchBob will do the rest:

  1. 📄 Text translation of each slide
  2. 🖼️ Interpretation of images and charts
  3. 🔍 Determination of the underlying meaning

You'll get:

  1. 📊 Detailed evaluation based on 11 parameters
  2. 📝 Formation of an investment memo
  3. ✍️ Writing a blurb/executive summary
  4. ⚖️ Assessment of the pros and cons of the investment
  5. 🔗 Comparison with the investment focus
  6. 📈 Evaluation of the chances of raising the next round and exit
  7. 🔎 Searching for benchmarking investments

Then make a decision:

  1. ❌ No way --->
    Bob will upload the information to CRM systems like Affinity, DealCloud, Pipedrive, Salesforce, 4Degrees, HubSpot.
  2. ✅ Move on or 🔄 Maybe later --->
    Bob will write a personalized feedback letter --->
    Just forward the letter in response to the pitch deck.

🎈It’s beta, and it’s temporarily 10 decks free.

What you get

🧮 11 parameters VC score
📃 Blurb
📈 Next round potential ratio
🚪 Exit potential ratio
⚖️ Investment opportunity pros and cons feedback
📑 Investment memo
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