Hello! My name is Dima, and I am the Founder of PitchBob.

Founder of PitchBob
👨‍💻 As an entrepreneur

I am convinced that the right question is half of the correct answer, and content is more important than design. So don’t confuse PitchBob with endless design tools that don’t increase chances of success, where you have to spend a ton of time moving pictures around. PitchBob is much better — it’s your AI startup co-pilot.

🧐 As a startup mentor and angel investor

I understand that pitching startup ideas can be tricky. Sometimes, explaining your business concept in a way that resonates with investors, customers, and partners is difficult. Furthermore, 90% of pitch deck creation is understanding your startup.

🤓 As a corporate innovation consultant

I understand how challenging it is to launch a startup within a corporation — formulating an idea, communicating it to management, assembling a team, and fighting for resources. From the perspective of directors of innovation, it’s tough to motivate the launch of startups within a corporation, align ideas with corporate priorities, how tricky it is to build a truly effective funnel for generating quality ideas and launch PoCs with high conversion to successful MVP implementation and scaling.

That’s why I’ve developed a unique AI solution for wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs love — AI Pitch Deck Generator & AI Startup co-pilot for entrepreneurs, which helps you to create a pitch deck, and a bunch of investment docs, get feedback on your startup idea, train your pitch, wherever you’re based — on the open market or inside enterprise.


For the past 12 years, I have been involved with startups. I have created my own startups (with three successful exits and numerous ideas that didn’t take off), invested in other startups, and served as an investment advisor (some companies in my angel portfolio include Turing, People.ai, Openweb, Trax, and others).

Additionally, I consult large corporations on corporate innovation and build relationships with startups (clients include Visa, PepsiCo, Raiffeisen Bank, Home Credit Bank, Philip Morris, and others).

In 2013, I was one of the early evangelists of Steve Blank’s Customer Development methodology and later Eric Ries’ Lean Startup methodology. I have conducted hundreds of workshops for startups on formulating and testing hypotheses, creating investment presentations, and pitch decks.

I have organized and conducted over 20 acceleration programs, with thousands of entrepreneurs graduating from them. For each demo day, I participated in the preparation of pitch decks and served as a mentor in programs such as Google Launchpad, Founder Institute, Startup Leadership Program, Lean Startup Machine, and others.

Throughout my life, I have studied how innovation works in startups and large companies. I have taken numerous courses in various formats and locations, including Stanford, MIT, the University of Maryland, Oxford, London Future Academy, Erasmus University, and others.

Based on my own experience, I understand how challenging it can be to formulate the idea of a startup and package it into the first pitch deck that effectively communicates with the target audience. I know the mistakes I made and the mistakes that startups, whose investment presentations I receive, make. I am also aware of the errors that graduates of acceleration programs make when seeking investments.

Furthermore, I have been responsible for sales and business development in all of my companies and client projects. I have always been a "sales character" who constantly thinks about making sales and closing deals more effectively and sustainably. I have led teams of salespeople and closed enterprise deals myself. Therefore, I understand the difficulty of formulating an idea and the challenges of selling it.

By developing PitchBob, I aim to transfer all the accumulated entrepreneurial experience and practical expertise into a scalable product that helps entrepreneurs create effective pitch decks and sales decks.

This product will save creators much effort, time, money, and energy.

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