PitchBob Outreach Team

– your dedicated non-automated, hand-crafted tech prospecting, lead generation, business development & sales as a service team

Even though all PitchBob products are built on AI, we understand that most business relationships are based on human interaction, personal connections, and networking.

As a startup itself, we actively utilize sales outreach and prospecting mechanics; we understand what works and what doesn't work for startups. We know how manual LinkedIn outreach works and when other tools and channels are needed.

After going through manual sales and transitioning to scalable channels, we have preserved our outreach team, which has become a separate business unit - PitchBob Outreach Team.This team assists our users in hypothesis testing, market entry, initial sales, and scaling.

Our experience has shown that outreach is most effective in the following cases:

1. In the early stages, hypothesis validation and risky assumptions about the future are necessary. Customer discovery and development stages require extensive communication with the relevant target audience of potential customers. When the sources of search are limited, LinkedIn outreach comes to the rescue. Our team can assist with investigation, segmentation, message sequences, feedback tracking, meeting control, and writing feedback.

2. During initial sales, when your product is unknown, there are many competitors; there is little trust, your product packaging could be better, and you are at the founder sales stage. After entering the market, when each customer is acquired manually, and founders make the initial sales themselves when other customer acquisition channels are either inaccessible, expensive, or not delivering the desired conversion, LinkedIn outreach works excellently.

3. At offline events. As a startup that has gone through this stage and retained a team to work with client projects, we understand how to do it. Our team can assist with relevant events and conferences, potential prospect clients, contact chains to arrange offline meetings or Zoom calls, track deals until closure, and support the founders' team.

4. During the initial scaling stage,  when key hypotheses have been validated, positive feedback has been received from the market, the first dozens of contracts have been signed, the first hundreds of deals have been closed, and the product has increased in value. At this point, internal resources may be limited due to the core team's focus on the product, lack of competence in business development and sales, limited resources for forming an in-house sales outreach team, or the inability or unwillingness to manage scattered outreach freelancers.

5. During the fundraising process. Especially for tech-focused teams w/o fundraising hassles.

One of the critical directions of outreach is fundraising and LinkedInoutreach to investors. With the toolkit created in PitchBob and our outreachefforts, you can increase the base of relevant potential investors and thenumber of contacts with them and receive feedback. You may attract investmentsat maximum, which we cannot guarantee to be honest with you. When working withinvestors, we utilize our databases with 10,000 direct contacts across variouschannels and employ a highly personalized approach from letter preparation tofollow-up messages.

PitchBob Outreach Team can assist by handling all outbound salesquestions and keeping them under control until you are ready to bring themin-house.

Here's how we work:
  1. Analyze the market and immerse ourselves in the specifics of the product and offering.
  2. Define three-month goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans.
  3. Establish target KPIs and conversion metrics throughout the funnel.
  4. Identify channels and sources of the target audience, considering theirparameters and limitations.
  5. Check your LinkedIn profile, improve it, and create a new one for you or additional ones for your teammates
  6. write unique email sequences for different dialogue scenarios.
  7. Build a constantly updated database of relevant contacts.
  8. Conduct outreach to the audience following a predefined message algorithm.
  9. Schedule calls or meetings and monitor participant engagement.
  10. Write follow-up messages and continue to manage contacts in CRM.
  11. Nurture the funnel with follow-up messages to increase conversion.
Differences and advantages:
  1. We have well-established databases of potential clients in various service areas and markets, consisting of thousands of contacts.
  2. We have already purchased all services and paid accounts, so you don't need to buy anything additional. We use LinkedIn Marketplace, golden.com, phantombuster.com, Apollo, Wiza, LeadLeaper, Sellscale, Signum.ai, Rocketreach, Lusha.com, etc.
  3. We provide you with a single-window service, assigning you an account manager backed by a team that handles everything - from strategy and email checks to follow-up letters and report preparation.
  4. Transparent and flexible pricing, billed hourly. The more hours and longer the contract, the lower the hourly rate. The possibility of reducing the hourly rate with a success fee for scalable sales. The option to terminate the collaboration without penalties if things don't go as expected.
  5. We provide transparent reports every two weeks with a detailed description of the process and results.
  6. Speed - our resources allow us to start working the day after the request.
  7. We cover any country, market, audience, customer segment (except those prohibited by law), communication, and audience-gathering channels.
  8. Experience. We have over ten years of experience in the technology business and understand how to sell startups.
What do we do manually:
  • 1:1 hand-selected leads
  • Pre-qualification QA
  • 1:1 connection requests
  • 1:1 follow-ups
  • Engagement with posts
  • Long-term opportunity nurturing
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead capture/booking
What we don't do:
  1. We don't present your product to you. No one can do it better than you.
  2. We don't take responsibility for closed deals, as many factors influence them, from the existence of a problem and the packaging of the solution to the value and quality of your product.
  3. We don't participate in offline activities but actively organize meetings for you within the framework of events and conferences.
One of our recent projects:
  • – Each team comprises an account manager, a strategist, and an outreach specialist.
  • – $29 per hour for the account manager
  • – $39 per hour for an outreach specialist
  • – $89 per hour for the strategist
  • – typical budget is 80% for outreach and 20% for strategy
  • – monthly budget starts from $3k + negotiable success based % from closed deals
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Dima Maslennikov
Founder & CEO
Tel Aviv, Israel