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💁‍♂️ Who we are

The London-based 🇬🇧 internal team at PitchBob oversees all outreach activities run by Kris Tert. A team of professionals with 8+ years of experience in investments, sales, IT, marketing, finance, and management. Growth hackers, strategists, managers, researchers, and lead generators.

Our Experience
  • 8+ Years of performance marketing, fundraising, sales and business development;
  • 25000+ qualified leads per year;
  • $35M+ budget of deals.

🚀 How do we help you succeed?

1. Raise Funds

  • Looking to raise your next round?
  • Our team researches and creates investor segments to meet your needs, crafts message sequences, monitors feedback, manages meetings, and provides insightful feedback at every stage. Let’s fundraise together!

2. Scale Sales

  • Ready to boost your sales?
  • Our approaches are dedicated to not just maintaining but exponentially increasing your sales metrics by penetrating new markets and customer bases. Let our capable team take the lead in propelling yours forward!

3. Find Product Market Fit by Customer development

  • Are you seeking to validate hypotheses or explore new markets?
  • We’re here to assist by gathering segments and conducting customer development calls on your behalf.

4. Improve your event’s & conference outcome

  • Will you be attending a major event?
  • Allow us to craft your agenda to ensure you engage in all the essential meetings.

Stuck in the early hustle? PitchBob Outreach Team removes the obstacles.
We navigate market entry, initial sales, and scaling strategies for smooth startup growth. Moreover, we can help you find investments effectively and swiftly when needed.

Boosting Sales, Securing Investments, and Streamlining Meeting Coordination

🏆 Here’s how we help you win

We use technology to fuel authentic interactions and deliver laser-targeted follow-up

As a startup itself, we actively utilize outreach and prospecting mechanics; we understand what works and what doesn’t work for startups. We know how manual LinkedIn outreach works and when other tools and channels are needed.
  • Experts: Our experienced team identifies and qualifies high-quality leads, so you only talk to prospects ready to buy or invest.
  • Streamlined process: We handle everything from outreach and lead nurturing to qualification and scheduling, giving you a smooth, consistent pipeline.
  • Scalability: Need more leads? No problem! We can easily scale our operations to meet your growing demand.
  • Flexibility: Decide at any time to bring Sales Development in-house. We provide you with all the tools and campaigns you need for a seamless transition.
Book a free chat to see how our team helps you grow and raise funds.

💙 Trusted by

  • Watchers: an integrated community solution for traders, VoD platforms and betting companies.
  • Simplr: financial management platform designed for Web3 companies.
  • Vespia: AI-powered platform specializing in business verification and AML compliance.
  • Oversecured: automated security solutions to identify and fix vulnerabilities in Android and iOS apps.
  • BFG: intelligent system for real-time change management
  • Over.vision: AI-boosted video analytics and monitoring for restaurants chains
  • Yolwise: AI-driven travel service for modern business journeys.
  • NOAH: advanced crop insurance solutions utilizing AI and satellite data to offer personalized policies and seamless claims assistance.
  • Suddenly Spaces: proptech platform designed specifically for owners and operators of flexible office workspaces.
  • etc. +70 cases.

✍️ Our clients say

"Our company is launching from scratch in the Turkish B2B travel market. We faced numerous challenges, from СusDev interviewing and finding partners to attract our first clients. I have been working with the PitchBob team for six months, and I must say that outreach is the universal key to any task if done systematically. PitchBob does it systematically."
Alex, VP of sales, Yolwise, 🇹🇷

"Frankly, I thought that the task is near to impossible. We needed to reach out to US farmers and — well — those are not the type of guys you frequently find on LinkedIn. But to my surprise PitchBob outreach team managed to get us 4 calls in 3 weeks and now we’re running the first POC with one of this leads. I think their secret sauce if simple though — they have the right system for this outreach in place so there is no "ifs" and it’s just the numbers game which they certainly play well."
Mike, Co-founder & CEO, N. O. A. H, 🇮🇱

"I am incredibly impressed with the Pitch Bob outreach team. For the last six months, they have arranged over 50 meetings for our team at global events and secured a 30% conversion rate from cold outreach to scheduled demo calls. Their efforts have significantly increased our sales pipeline and brought in valuable new prospects. Highly recommend their services."
Yana, CEO, Watchers, 🇬🇧

As the founder of Vespia, I am thrilled with the outreach team’s work. Over the past year, they set up our cold outreach, identified key events, and organized over 20 meetings. Their expertise in value proposition and audience insights has been invaluable. We are extremely satisfied with their performance and speed. We trust them completely and plan to seek investors with their help.
Anton, Founder, Vespia 🇪🇪

💵 Here’s how we work (sales)

Setting up

  • Analyze the market and immerse ourselves in the specifics of the product and offering.
  • Define goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans.
  • Establish KPIs and conversion metrics throughout the funnel.
  • Identify channels and sources of the target audience, considering their parameters and limitations.


  • Check your LinkedIn profile, improve it
  • Create unique message sequences for different dialogue scenarios.
  • Use as many lead sources as possible.
  • Build a constantly updated funnel of relevant contacts.
  • Conduct outreach to the audience following a predefined message algorithm.
  • Schedule calls or meetings and monitor participant engagement.
  • Write follow-up messages and continue to manage contacts in CRM
  • Nurture the funnel with follow-up messages to increase conversion.

💰 Here’s how we work (investment)

Setting up

  • Conduct thorough market research and dive deep into your business model and value proposition.
  • Outline clear goals, objectives, strategies, and actionable plans tailored to investment acquisition.
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics for investment attraction efficiency.
  • Identify and target potential investors, considering their investment focus and criteria.

Profile Optimization

  • Review and enhance your online presence, focusing on platforms critical to investors.
  • Develop customized communication templates for various investor engagement scenarios.

Investor Search

  • Leverage an extensive range of investor databases and sources to ensure a broad search.
  • Maintain a dynamically updated pipeline of potential investors.
  • Initiate contact with potential investors using a strategic messaging approach.
  • Arrange meetings or calls with interested investors and ensure active engagement.

Investor Engagement

  • Send personalized follow-up communications to keep potential investors engaged.
  • Utilize CRM tools to effectively manage investor interactions and nurture relationships, increasing the likelihood of securing investment.

🧐 Why PitchBob Outreach Team?

  1. Well-established pipelines in various service areas and markets consist of thousands of contacts.
  2. Define three-month goals, Single-window service assigns you an account manager backed by a team that handles everything — from strategy and email checks to follow-up letters and report preparation. objectives, strategies, and action plans.
  3. No additional costs for services and paid accounts
  4. Transparent and flexible pricing. The more hours and longer the contract, the lower the hourly rate. The possibility of reducing the hourly rate with a success fee for scalable sales.
  5. Speed — our resources allow us to start working the day after the request.
Unlock the power of seamless integration between human expertise and automation. We use a unique combination of skills in leveraging cutting-edge tools for outreach, marketing, and sales automation, ensuring maximum efficiency and success.

⚙️ Our teach stack

You shouldn’t pay for it, we’ll cover you

  • Lemlist
  • Mailshake
  • Outreach
  • Reply.io
  • Dux-Soup
  • Octopus CRM
  • ProspectIn
  • Hunter
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • HubSpot
  • Pardot
  • Sendinblue
  • Mailchimp
  • GetResponse
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive
  • Close.io

🤝 Price & Offer

  • Each team comprises an account manager, a strategist, and an outreach specialist.
  • $29 per hour for an outreach specialist
  • $39 per hour for the account manager
  • $89 per hour for the strategist
  • The typical budget is 80% for outreach and 20% for strategy
  • The monthly budget starts from $3k + negotiable success-based% from closed deals
All fees are paid monthly based on actual results.

☎️ Ready to unlock explosive growth?

We’d love to work with you.

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Kris Tert
Head of Outreach
London, United Kingdom
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