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Lynkie’s Innovations in Job Searching: The Path to Efficient Hiring

Lynkie’s Innovations in Job Searching: The Path to Efficient Hiring

Lynkie revolutionizes hiring with AI and video tech, streamlining the connection between employers and job seekers

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Project representative: Rajadeepan Ebinesar

In the rapidly accelerating digital age, Lynkie stands out among new startups with its innovative approach to the job search and hiring process. This powerful new app, built around advanced algorithms, leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video technologies to connect employers and job seekers efficiently and effectively.

For job seekers, Lynkie offers a personalized experience, providing targeted job recommendations based on an individual’s specific skill set and expertise, distinguishing it from other job-search platforms.

As for employers, Lynkie revolutionizes the screening process. With a fresh approach that combines AI-powered video capabilities, the app allows hiring managers to screen potential hires effortlessly and accurately. This feature is fresh air in an industry dominated by mismatched jobs and excessive, time-draining hiring processes.

In addition, Lynkie provides an instant in-app messaging feature, allowing immediate dialogue between candidates and employers — smoothing out communication ripples and accelerating the hiring process.

With the Founder/CEO at the helm, alongside our VP of Sales, Kevin Ragin, and VP of Marketing, Maryam Khandwala, the company is set on a steadfast course toward digital recruitment transformation.

Pricing is competitively set, granting job seekers free access, while recruiters can utilize the platform for $99.99 monthly, creating a reasonable balance for this unique service.

While platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter may also aim to streamline recruitment, Lynkie uniquely addresses the sector’s challenges. They aim to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, covering the US tech sector HR landscape by Q2 2024.

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