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Why you should have a business model slide in your pitch deck

Welcome to the world of pitch decks, where every slide holds the potential to shape the destiny of your startup! In this thrilling entrepreneurship, the business model slide emerges as a powerful centrepiece. It holds the key to captivating investors and paving the way for your startup’s ultimate success. As you embark on creating the perfect pitch deck, the importance of the business model slide becomes paramount.

Pitching your startup to potential investors is akin to painting a compelling story. Each slide of pitch deck acts as a brushstroke, contributing to the overall masterpiece that you present. The business model slide stands out as the canvas. Here, you artistically depict how your company will generate revenue, create value, and conquer the market. In this article, we will explore the vital role of the business model slide, what it should include, common mistakes to avoid, and invaluable design tips to create a captivating visual experience.

How to Build a Business Model Slide for Your Pitch Deck?

The business model slide serves as the backbone of your pitch deck. It provides a clear and concise representation of how your company plans to generate revenue and create value in the market. Investors are not only looking for innovative ideas. They want to see a sound and scalable business model that ensures their investment will yield returns.

What is Included in the Business Model Slide?

A well-crafted business model slide should include essential components that depict the essence of your startup’s strategy and operations. Incorporating Osterwalder’s startup Business Model Canvas is a brilliant way to outline your business model systematically.
Nine key elements of the Business Model Slide:

  • Customer Segments: Identify the target audience and market segments your startup serves.
  • Value Propositions: Clearly state the unique value your startup offers to customers.
  • Channels: Outline how your products or services will reach the target customers.
  • Customer Relationships: Mention your plan to connect and engage with your customers.
  • Revenue Streams: Present a solid plan for how your startup will generate revenue.
  • Key Resources: Highlight the critical assets and resources required for your business to thrive.
  • Key Activities: Define the key actions and activities necessary for your startup’s success.
  • Key Partnerships: Identify strategic collaborations and partnerships that support your venture.
  • Cost Structure: Outline the expenses and costs associated with running your startup.

The Business Model Canvas allows you to present a holistic view of your business model and how its components fit together seamlessly.

pitch dec business model slide

What Is Osterwalder’s Startup Business Model Canvas?

Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool that provides a visual representation of a company’s business model. It offers a concise overview of the key aspects that drive your business and helps you articulate how your startup will create and deliver value to customers. By integrating this canvas into your pitch deck, you enable investors to grasp the fundamental structure of your startup swiftly.

What Questions Should Your Business Model Slide Answer?

A compelling business model slide should address essential questions that align with investors’ concerns. Here are some key questions your business model slide should answer:

  • Who are your target customers, and what problems do you solve for them? Showcase a deep understanding of your target market and the pain points your product or service addresses.
  • What unique value do you offer to customers that sets you apart from competitors? Clearly articulate your value proposition and explain why customers would choose your solution over others.
  • How do you plan to reach your customers and deliver your products or services? Demonstrate your go-to-market strategy and distribution channels.
  • What revenue streams will you utilize to monetize your offerings? Outline your pricing model and revenue generation strategy.
  • What are the critical resources and partnerships you need to succeed? Identify the key resources, assets, and collaborations that will fuel your startup’s growth.
  • How will you allocate your resources and manage your costs to ensure profitability? Showcase a sustainable cost structure and demonstrate financial prudence.

What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid?

To ensure your business model slide is compelling and effective, steer clear of these common pitfalls that can turn off potential investors:

Overcomplexity: Avoid overwhelming your audience with unnecessary jargon or intricate details. Keep it clear and straightforward to maintain their attention.

Vague Value Propositions: Investors want to see a clear and unique value proposition that resonates with the target market. Clearly communicate how your startup solves customers’ problems.

Ignoring Revenue Streams: Neglecting to address how your startup plans to make money can raise doubts about its long-term sustainability.

Neglecting Competitors: Acknowledge your competition and demonstrate how your business model positions you for success in the market. Investors need to understand your competitive advantage.

Design Tips for Business Model Slides:

The design of your business model slide plays a crucial role in keeping investors engaged and visually conveying your startup’s potential. Follow these design tips to create a stunning business model slide:

Visual Clarity: Use charts, graphs, and icons to enhance the visual appeal and simplify complex information. Visual elements help investors grasp your business model quickly.

Consistency: Maintain a consistent design language that aligns with your overall pitch deck. A cohesive and well-designed presentation enhances your startup’s professionalism.

Whitespace: Allow for sufficient whitespace to avoid overcrowding and improve readability. A clutter-free slide ensures that the focus remains on the key points you present.

Brand Identity: Infuse your slide with your startup’s brand colors and logo for a professional look. Branding creates a sense of identity and builds trust with potential investors.

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Why Does the Business Model Slide Matter?

The business model slide is not merely a piece of information, this slide is a window into the inner workings of your startup, providing them with the confidence to invest in your venture.

The backbone of your startup’s vision and strategy: The business model slide forms the foundation upon which your entire pitch deck rests. It provides a comprehensive overview of how your startup intends to operate and succeed in the market.

Demonstrates revenue generation strategy: Investors are keen to see a clear path to profitability. The business model slide outlines your revenue streams, indicating how your startup plans to monetize its offerings and achieve sustainable growth.

Provides a glimpse into key resources and partnerships: The slide also offers insights into the essential resources, skills, and strategic partnerships your startup possesses. This helps investors evaluate the scalability and feasibility of your business model.

Offers transparency and clarity: Transparency is crucial in the investment process. The business model slide provides a transparent view of your startup’s operations and how it plans to achieve its goals, building trust with potential investors.

Sets the stage for further discussions: A compelling business model slide acts as a conversation starter during pitch meetings. It piques investor interest and prompts them to delve deeper into your startup’s plans and potential for success.

Provides a roadmap for growth: The business model slide lays out the roadmap for your startup’s growth and success. It demonstrates that you have a clear plan and strategy to achieve your objectives, instilling confidence in investors.

Business Model Slide Must-Haves:

To create a winning business model slide, ensure it includes the following must-have elements:

Clear Value Proposition: Articulate the unique value your startup offers to customers in a concise and compelling manner.

Revenue Streams: Present a solid and comprehensive plan for how your startup will generate revenue and ensure financial stability.

Customer Segments: Identify your target audience and their specific needs to showcase a deep understanding of the market.

Key Resources: Highlight the critical assets, skills, and capabilities your startup possesses to deliver on its promises.

Tips for Business Model Slide in a Successful Pitch Deck:

To make your business model slide stand out and leave a lasting impression on investors, consider these practical tips and strategies:

  • Be Confident and Enthusiastic: Present your slide with confidence and enthusiasm, showcasing your passion for your startup’s vision.
  • Tailor to Investors’ Interests: Customize your business model slide to align with the specific interests and preferences of your potential investors.
  • Use Real Data and Evidence: Back your claims with real data, market research, and evidence of demand for your product or service.
  • Practice and Polish: Practice your pitch thoroughly to deliver a seamless and engaging presentation that reflects your startup’s potential.

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Congratulations! Armed with insights on creating a perfect business model slide, you are now well-prepared to take on the world of pitching and secure the funding your startup deserves. Remember, each slide in your pitch deck is a brushstroke of your entrepreneurial masterpiece. Craft your story with precision, passion, and purpose, and leave investors captivated by your vision.
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