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Cooking Smart with Sllyyd Cookbook: AI’s Answer to Food Waste and Savings

Cooking Smart with Sllyyd Cookbook: AI’s Answer to Food Waste and Savings

Sllyyd Cookbook uses AI to transform cooking at home, combining savings, sustainability, and culinary creativity

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Project representative: Shane Powell

Sllyyd Cookbook is a platform that focuses on revolutionizing how we cook at home. It’s built upon AI technology. Its unique concept merges the convenience of Uber Eats, the premise of Hello Fresh, and the digital content of YouTube to give everyone a chance to be the chefs of their kitchens.

The core mission is to make home cooking affordable, skill-friendly, and sustainable. By planning meals, providing grocery lists, and ensuring calculated ingredient utilization, this startup is committed to reducing both cost and waste.

The best part is that they’re going all-in with technology! With AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, Sllyyd Cookbook offers more than just recipes. It scans your shopping basket, suggests savings, and even offers meal ideas for surplus items — all for waste reduction and innovative cooking.

The product offers four clear benefits: saving money (almost £416-£520 per year); saving time (up to a day per year); encouraging healthier food choices; saving energy with online shopping.
While competitors in the market, such as Sidekick by Sorted Food, ChefSteps, and AllRecipes, have their own strengths, Sllyyd Cookbook’s focus on AI-powered money-saving solutions and dedicated culinary accuracy will likely set them apart.

Navigating the market as a solo founder, the CEO, Shane Powell, eagerly seeks potential co-founders who can help bolster the startup’s capabilities and reach. Despite being in its early stages, Sllyyd has big plans. They aim to acquire 500K users within the first year through global partnerships, especially with student housing providers.

While the startup presents its risks as any new venture does, such as technological failures or regulation changes, its commitment to minimizing food waste on a global scale and making home cooking cost-efficient holds considerable potential. Part of the startup’s plan is pantry scan technology that serves as an additional tool for its mission. Sllyyd Cookbook could fill a hole in the £770BN global food waste issue and transform the culinary experience for millions of households.

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