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Quabbly: Don’t waste time on admin tasks.

Quabbly: Don’t waste time on admin tasks.

AI-Powered Admin Panels for Tech Companies

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Project representative: Jamiu Ozigi

Introducing Quabbly, the startup aims to revolutionize how tech companies handle administrative tasks by employing AI-powered admin panels. Startups and companies in the fintech and e-commerce sector often face challenges while deploying resources for developing internal admin tools. These tools are commonly overlooked and considered low-priority compared to customer-centric services. The solution? Quabbly.

Connecting your database to Quabbly allows access to a ready-made, smart admin panel tailored for instant insights and automation of workflows using breakthrough AI & machine learning technologies. This strategy fundamentally shifts focus from non-essential administrative functions towards fortifying core business services — a much-needed relief in resource allocation within tech industries.

Jamiu Ozigi, as co-founder & CEO, crafts product vision and strategizes market outreach, while Osita Onyekwere takes charge as Co-founder & CTO, handling the technical infrastructure development. Both bring extensive expertise in growing startups from the grassroots into successful ventures.

Despite early entries like Basedash, Internal.io, or JetAdmin paving the way in this niche area of technological aid, gaps exist around adaptability aspects due to more extensive infrastructures that may hamper quick response time. An issue particularly pertinent considering exponentially ever-evolving technology trends expected within startup landscapes of fintech and e-commerce sectors.

Quabbly’s approach combines superior usability with advanced AI, enabling even non-tech-savvy users to obtain comprehensive data insights efficiently. This simplifies high-level business operations, breaking them down to their basics. Scalability issues often arise during rapid expansion and are mitigated, allowing for organic growth without heavy reliance on substantial financial support. This approach fosters long-term platform sustainability while consistently delivering an exceptional user experience.

With a successfully launched MVP already attracting an engaged weekly audience base on-boarded through cost-effective subscription plans ($99 monthly or $1,000 annually), prospects look promising, hence calls for scaling up.

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