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Prenli Care: Bridging the Gap in Postnatal Services

Prenli Care: Bridging the Gap in Postnatal Services

Redefining Postnatal Recovery through various practices and collaboration with medical institutions and insurers

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Project representative: Aysha Hashim

Prenli Care is redefining the postnatal recovery landscape at the intersection of technology and tradition. The startup is geared towards providing holistic care to new mothers, catering to their physical and emotional demands after childbirth. Prenli Care collaborates with healthcare facilities, insurers, and corporations to bridge the gap in postnatal services.

Offering a stay at a 4-star hotel, they equip new mothers with comprehensive recuperation amenities and personalized services over 2-4 weeks. The suites and services facilitate an enriching mother-infant bonding experience while prioritizing maternal wellness.

Prenli Care stands out from its competitors by providing affordable, holistic care, entailing Ayurvedic practices. From Boram and Ayurvedic hospitals to doulas and midwives, their rivals extend valuable services. However, their reach is limited by higher costs and a scale lesser than Prenli Care.

They provide baby monitoring, online consultations, and a social community platform for young mothers. Aided by a team of experienced professionals, Prenli Care ensures a seamless transition into motherhood while addressing the frequent challenges new parents face.

Prenli Care’s tiered pricing structure begins from $1850 for a 2-week stay at a small suite. They also offer additional wellness and skincare packages, allowing customers to customize their pampering experience.

Fundamentally, the aim is to create a compassionate, supportive environment celebrating new mothers without compromising the quality of affordable care.

They have exciting growth plans in the pipeline that involve forming strategic alliances with insurance companies and hospitals. They anticipate these relationships will enhance our access to potential customers while sustaining steady business growth.

The Prenli Care team is enthusiastically looking forward to the journey ahead, working towards its vision of transforming postpartum care and celebrating motherhood in full glory.

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