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How Gorilla Solutions is Changing the Game in DevOps and Cloud Engineering

How Gorilla Solutions is Changing the Game in DevOps and Cloud Engineering

Gorilla Solutions revolutionizes cloud tech with streamlined solutions for SMEs, promising efficiency and tactical decision-making in software delivery

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Project representative: Alexandre Proulx

Gorilla Solutions is a new player in the contemporary cloud space. The latest startup is reimagining the way software development and delivery operate. Gorilla Solutions offers streamlined and cost-effective solutions using CNCF technologies and open-source products. Their vision is to democratize software delivery and enable tactical decision-making for developers and managers.

Their platform primarily targets growing SMEs facing DevOps limitations. They tackle the common challenge of distractions and wasted resources when establishing cloud infrastructure and devX foundations in the early stage. Their solution simplifies Platform Engineering and creates a universally understandable software delivery lifecycle that can be efficiently managed through their web developer portal.

The solution accelerates software delivery, diminishes market time, reduces downtime, and drives decision-making. In addition, they promise reduced staffing requirements, seamless team integration, and frequent releases.

Now, there are two technical founders in the team. They are searching for a strategic planner, marketing specialist, and user experience expert aboard. Competing with companies like Humanitec, Massdriver, and Cortex, Gorilla Solutions champions the cause of user ownership and flexibility. Their solutions can be easily customized and freely adopted without lock-in contracts.

In terms of pricing, they have two options. One is Self-hosted as a Service for a monthly price of $5000 per environment, and the second is a Turnkey deployment in the customer cloud for a one-time fee of $50k. Plus, they offer extra consulting at $500 per hour.

Having deployed its MVP on multiple cloud vendors, Gorilla Solutions is nearing the completion of its initial product. The founders prepare to showcase their product and shift attention to the business and marketing side. They are energetically managing their budget and foresee potentially impactful growth in the coming year.

The startup identifies market hesitation, saturation, and problematic business collaborations as critical risks. But with founder-backed financing and a commitment to hiring, marketing, and infrastructure, their optimistic outlook is contagious.

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