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We are looking for: - Graphic Designer - Production manager.

  • About this Job

    We are looking for: - Graphic Designer - Production manager.

  • Idea

    Guapanese is a dynamic fusion of streetwear, photography, and various aspects of urban culture. It encapsulates the spirit of metropolitan life in its vibrant array of offerings. More than a service, Guapanese serves as a collaborative platform, accommodating emerging photographers, videographers, artists, and those who embrace our brand ethos. By uniting these creative minds, we encourage a continuous dialogue and interaction within our community, upholding the ever-evolving urban culture.

  • Problems

    Archive documentation of events that happen round the year, accesibility to well made clothes, collaborations with brands that push the narrative, unique storytelling

  • Solution

    Our solution is to curate an immersive online platform that documents global cultural events, offers access to quality fashion items, and fosters brand collaborations also providing a unique storytelling experience for our users.

Contact Person
Olawole Babalola
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