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Zero Trust Model: Polyadmin’s Unique Approach to Cybersecurity

Zero Trust Model: Polyadmin’s Unique Approach to Cybersecurity

Polyadmin transforms consensus decision-making in cybersecurity with innovative IT and cybersecurity expertise

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Project representative: Timothy William Edgin

Polyadmin is a startup that is revolutionizing consensus decision-making in the cybersecurity world. Born from the realization that the IT industry needs to address fundamental challenges, the mission is to introduce fresh and effective security solutions in asset management.

The Polyadmin team has over two decades of IT experience and a decade of cybersecurity expertise. Polyadmin provides businesses with a transparent platform to employ artificial intelligence (AI) in their decision chain. It helps democratize risk while ensuring that every voice is heard in a company, thereby omitting the risk of any single point of failure.

But what makes them stand out from the crowd? The Zero Trust model employs a multi-entity decision system for flexible, autonomous cybersecurity solutions with human-in-the-loop options. The solution operates on P and H values dictating entity and human involvement.

In simple terms, Polyadmin guarantees maximum security by preventing any single entity from making critical decisions alone. This collaborative approach minimizes system vulnerabilities and limits the risk of unauthorized access, significantly reducing insider threats. This applies not only to IT operations but also to crucial business decisions.

Unlike well-established competitors like IBM and Crowdstrike, Polyadmin stands out thanks to its flexibility and openness to groundbreaking ideas in the ever-expanding digital landscape. Polyadmin offers software as a service to specific clients, while others prefer on-site solutions with ongoing support contracts, allowing Polyadmin to generate revenue from various sources.

In the seed funding stage, they are making strides in developing our minimum viable product. The objective for June 2024 is to have at least ten corporations adopting the product into their growth strategy. In the face of challenges such as the rapid evolution of AI and the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity technologies, we are committed to advancing and delivering the best to clients.

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