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WFCN: Shaping the Future of Global Film Distribution

WFCN: Shaping the Future of Global Film Distribution

WFCN revolutionizes film submissions, connecting the global film community, and fostering cinema unity

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Project representative: Shailik Bhaumik

The startup WFCN is reshaping the landscape by offering a comprehensive platform for film festival submissions. The objective is to link filmmakers, producers, and distributors on a global scale and transform the entertainment ecosystem.

Built on a solid principle of ethics and sustainability, WFCN is a brainchild of international film commissions that champions independent creators. It offers a unique space where film industry professionals and audiences can interconnect and easily navigate the challenges of film submission, promotion, and monetization.

What truly sets WFCN apart is its relentless pursuit of granting independent filmmakers the recognition they deserve. Besides offering a space for resource finding and festival submission, WFCN allows filmmakers to create professional portfolios, establish global networks, and directly monetize their films.

While industry giants like FilmFreeway have carved a niche in the film submission arena, they often need to catch up regarding professional networking and film monetization. WFCN confidently fills this gap and offers an all-inclusive package unmatched by any existing platform.

The fabrics of WFCN’s appeal extend to its business model, too. The platform accrues revenue through an 8% fee per film submission, a 30% distribution share for films monetized via WFCN, and ad revenue. The page has seen impressive user registration and film listings since its operations started in 2019, suggesting a promising future.

However, the road to reshaping an industry does come with potential pitfalls. Risks such as fierce competition from established platforms, securing international partnerships, possible technical issues, and legal complexities surrounding intellectual property rights are all inherent.

With an injection of $3M, WFCN aims to sustain its growth, foster new technical developments, and enhance its marketing strategy. In the long run, the team is motivated to take WFCN public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to reinforce its market presence further and make cinema a language of unity.

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