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Walking together with Attitudist

Walking together with Attitudist

Attitude’s mission is driven by its unwavering dedication to providing high-quality footwear that is affordable for all.

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Project representative: Haritima Mishra

In a time marked by soaring prices and declining quality within the fashion industry, Attitudist positions itself as a breath of fresh air. With the dawn of this startup in India, consumers no longer have to compromise on luxury, style, or comfort when choosing footwear.

Attitude’s mission springs from its firm commitment to making premium shoes accessible to everyone. This brand is here to challenge the status quo by disrupting traditional notions around luxury products being beyond reach.

With an impressive assembly line capable of crafting top-notch men’s footwear at genuinely affordable prices. Every shoe that comes through reflects a blend of style with purposeful functionality to create confident strides.

Interestingly, Polish artisan techniques are at the core of each pair produced. These shoes are meticulously handcrafted and double-pasted to ensure durability.

Comfort is prioritized, with sweat-absorbent properties and anti-odor linings integrated into these stylish designs. Additionally, attention is paid to safety details, such as featuring heat-resistant and anti-skid soles, making them suitable for wear in various Indian climate conditions.

When speaking to their CEO about how Attitudist manages such novel quality incorporation within stringent pricing brackets, he quotes: "It’s all about customer value — we decided right at inception that our customers shouldn’t have to choose between high fashion and wallet considerations."

This philosophy resonates in their liberal 7-day refund policy, reinforcing their dedication towards consumer satisfaction, which they term as part of ’walking together.’

Who are likely endorsers? Primarily young professionals but also college-goers or any fashion-conscious male seeking trendy yet cost-effective options can find something aligning with his taste from Attitudist’s varied product range.

Attitudes footwear is more attractive than current market competitors like Skechers, known primarily for comfort but higher priced. Although Adidas provides ranges at lower prices, it often fails environmental evaluations due mainly to the animal leather composition used in production processes throughout.

Overall, if you aspire for an equal parts style devoid of compromises, your search perhaps ends precisely here! Walking together with Attitudist.

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