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Unarchived: a Discovery Platform for Brands

Unarchived: a Discovery Platform for Brands

The Platform where you can discover and shop shop from never seen before brands and engage with favourite brands in a deeper way

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Project representative: Temple Emmanuel Obi

Unarchived is a startup in the fashion sector that leverages a digital platform to empower up-and-coming brands and designers with cutting-edge technologies such as AR, AI, and blockchain. As a marketplace, networking center, and collaborative environment, Unarchived tackles critical challenges in the industry and advocates for sustainable methods. The platform’s primary objective is to elevate the quality of product experiences and affirm the authenticity of brands.

Unarchived’s vision is to disrupt the fashion landscape by using innovative technology. It aims to boost the visibility and collaboration of various fashion brands and designers through its dynamic and easy-to-use platform. The startup offers a holistic solution for brands, providing them with advanced tools to streamline their design and granting them increased visibility.

The startup further enhances the brand-building experience by amalgamating social commerce with design tools. It provides visibility boosters and personalized storefronts to emerging fashion brands, thereby setting a new standard in the industry. With the help of AI, AR, and blockchain, the platform enables brands to showcase their products, interact with their customers, and understand market dynamics seamlessly.

Unarchived was founded by a visionary who built its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and navigated its path to funding, partnerships, and growth. The team comprises a UX/UI Designer, a Business Development Manager, and a Data Analyst.

Today, Unarchived differentiates itself strongly from its competitors, including established names like Farfetch, JOOR, and The Business of Fashion, as well as social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It provides a dedicated, fashion-focused platform that offers immersive, personalized experiences.

Regarding revenue, Unarchived banks on premium subscriptions, commissions from sales, earnings from targeted advertisements, collaboration fees, and selling market analytics.

Over time, risks such as technological glitches, security breaches, market saturation, and slow adoption rate among fashion brands and consumers pose challenges for Unarchived. However, post-funding, the startup is ready to scale its model by refining the platform, growing its user base, onboarding strategic brands, eyeing sustainable revenue, and the subsequent investment phase. They also plan to allocate funding towards product development, marketing for brand visibility and customer acquisition, and hiring new talent.

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