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The Future of Event Management Unveiled by EventMagic

The Future of Event Management Unveiled by EventMagic

EventMagic innovatively transforms event management, ensuring efficiency and engaging experiences

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Project representative: Jon Werner

In the bustling world of events and networking, a new player is making headway — EventMagic. This fresh startup is transforming the event management landscape with its innovative platform. Aimed at networking event organizers and sponsors, EventMagic provides tools to facilitate seamless event set-up, swift attendee check-ins, efficient demographic data collection, and measurable sponsor return on investment. This also ensures meaningful attendee engagement, creating a richer event experience.

At the heart of EventMagic, there’s an engine driven by a strategic vision — being the co-pilot for event organizers. Its mission is founded on the belief in fostering impactful in-person human connections. Event organizers set up events on the platform, and attendees RSVP and check in via QR codes printed on unique badges provided at the event. These badges serve multiple functions — accelerating check-in times, facilitating better follow-ups, and enhancing the networking value.

While still in its early stages with a growing subscription base, EventMagic has already hosted 72 successful events with over 7,000 attendees. Its team brings together a fascinating mix of experiences. Guided by the strategic vision of the dynamic Founder/CEO, the team also boasts sales expertise from the co-founder credited with Austin’s largest meetup, FIESTA.

In the competitive landscape, other platforms offering event organization tools, like Eventbrite and Meetup, may pose a threat. Yet, EventMagic sets itself apart with its cutting-edge offerings, especially its unique QR name badge experience for attendees.

EventMagic operates on a subscription-based model, with monthly pricing ranging from $79-$199. The startup is all set for its MVP launch on February 1, 2024, and is confidently marching toward becoming a prominent figure in the industry.

With a keen eye on risk assessment, they acknowledge potential competition, market fluctuations, data privacy concerns, and adaptability challenges. Despite these challenges, EventMagic is taking solid strides, banking on its innovative platform, seasoned leadership team, and relentless focus on fostering human connections in the event realm.

Beyond event management, EventMagic’s vision is to shape the future of face-to-face interactions with its progressive technology, thereby redefining event experiences.

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