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Hanan Loughlimi Ro: Stress-Defying Beauty

Hanan Loughlimi Ro: Stress-Defying Beauty

How Adaptogens can fix our unbalanced lives and stressed-out Skin

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Hanan Loughlimi Ro is an innovative skincare startup breaking the norms of the industry. They are the pioneers of a revolutionary skincare line that utilizes the power of adaptogens, nature’s best-kept secret. Adaptogens combat the havoc wreaked on your skin by stress hormones and environmental damage, ensuring your skin stays in its best state.

The mission is simple. Hanan Loughlimi Ro aspires to empower skin wellness through holistic and adaptogen-infused skincare products. Unlike typical skincare products, their line has been crafted with all genders and skin types kept in mind. The skincare line holds immense potential to relieve those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and those seeking clean and holistic skin wellness solutions.

Hanan Loughlimi Ro relies on evidence-based research indicating a rise in skin ailments provoked by the stresses of modern life and an unmet demand for natural treatments. Their solution to ensure the effectiveness of their skincare line to these ailments is rooted in the wonder of adaptogens. These natural substances are blended into a range and formulated to comfort and heal stress-induced skin conditions, applicable to all human skin types.

The adaptogenic skincare line goes beyond just surface-level effects. It is fully committed to harnessing the power of these remarkable substances to support overall skin wellness, with benefits from anti-aging to hair loss prevention. With such a comprehensive approach, the adaptogenic skincare line aims to capture a significant portion of the booming $10B skincare market.

The startup thrives on innovation and technology. The team utilizes e-commerce platforms for sales, AI to ensure personalized recommendations, and AR for virtual try-ons. This deliberate incorporation of technology helps cater to customer’s unique needs and deliver a customized shopping experience.

While Hanan Loughlimi Ro has a strong team, they believe adding a financial advisor, a software engineer, and an HR specialist could fast-track progress and help reach potential sooner. The skincare industry is highly competitive. But unlike their competitors — Beselfmade, Herbar, and Eternal Reign — Hanan Loughlimi Ro’s offering is distinctive, considering its focus on stress-induced skincare conditions.

The holistic approach has helped Hanan Loughlimi Ro carve a niche, and their distinct product range (priced between $48-$56 per product sold DTC and via third-party e-commerce platforms) has performed exceptionally well in markets as diverse as the US, Canada, and UAE. Despite facing high competition and possible health regulations for natural skincare products, the figures speak for themselves. With 30 new users per day and a steady retention rate, their growth story will only get more exciting in the future.

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