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Shuddl is a beacon in the logistics landscape

Shuddl is a beacon in the logistics landscape

Solving Logistics Inefficiencies: Shuddl’s AI-Powered Approach

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Project representative: Spencer Steliga

Shuddl — a startup transforming the shipping market with its eco-friendly approach. As an AI-efficient Business-to-Business marketplace, Shuddl aims to optimize Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments efficiently and sustainably.

Industry giants often overlook underutilized truck space, resulting in higher customer costs and increased environmental harm. Currently, 15-25% of trucks are inadequately used, contributing to revenue loss and carbon emissions. Furthermore, complex logistics chains and lack of pricing transparency compound these issues further.

Here’s where Shuddl makes a difference! By harnessing AI technology, this innovative digital stage has taken it upon itself to solve rampant logistical inefficiencies by matching unused freight space with impending LTL shipments. According to their CEO’s ideals, oversee all operations for this fledgling endeavor, including making reliable deliveries while maximizing carriers’ profits and gaining customer trust through complete transparency.

Shuddl prides itself on its core focus — prioritizing the under-explored LTL shipping market and heralding sustainable practices in domestic services, unlike competitors such as Convoy or Uber Freight, who’ve primarily targeted full truckloads.

Shuddl provides instant upfront shipment pricing and creatively capitalizes on price differences by hiring carriers at lower rates, ensuring profitability without compromising efficiency. To remain agile amidst stiff competition from established players like Flexport or Transfix, known for comprehensive services and user-oriented features, respectively. They’re looking into expanding their core team roles, including tech advancement, financial strategy, etc., thus elevating their brand presence more effectively!

Our plans revolve around focusing on advanced AI technologies to boost customer retention and launching new features to improve operational efficiencies. We are also considering venturing into new markets to strengthen our brand recognition. Remarkably, within just one year, we have achieved $7 million in revenues, highlighting the significant potential in this industry.

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