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Revolutionizing Supermarket Advertising: The Augmented Reality and Data Analytics Approach of Door Digital Vision

Revolutionizing Supermarket Advertising: The Augmented Reality and Data Analytics Approach of Door Digital Vision

Meet On Door Digital Vision (ODV), a game-changing entity in supermarket advertising.

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Project representative: Taner Yigit

Founded by a group of pioneering Turkish entrepreneurs and innovators in 2016, ODV blends the power of augmented reality with advanced data analytics to create enriching advertising strategies for chain supermarkets. The startup’s patented technology integrates smoothly into existing frameworks and significantly enhances promotional impacts.

Odov’s proficiency lies primarily in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). It offers an exceptional solution for stores with low engagement rates, poor customer data analytics, or inefficient marketing campaigns. With its unique approach that uses AI algorithms, big data analytics, and seamless integration tech abilities, ODV stands poised to transform shopping experiences through technology-embedded advertisements.

The issue is clear — traditional advertising methods lack potency regarding superior visibility and measurable outcomes within supermarket domains. Hence, it enters ODV that employs Augmented Reality integrated tools.

This pioneering innovation has given ODV its winning edge over competitors. These competitors may include digital signage providers within large food retailer sectors or e-commerce platforms consolidating personalized deals via mobile applications. While they may enjoy overseas funding or greater recognition, they often falter due to a lack of AI integration and measurability, which limits their agility against market volatility. Many rivals underutilize technology, resulting in subpar user engagement.

On the contrary stands Odov, creating stratospheric disruption via a product that renders near-perfect visibility rates. This surge in professional growth is achieved while simultaneously orchestrating playlists based on branch requirements, updating every five seconds. These playlists are remotely showcased through ad reports that are measured using inventory changes and demographical information, leveraging our robust Artificial Intelligence systems. This approach maximizes retail efficiency like never before.

Currently engaged with several multi-branched retailers for pilot demonstrations, our AI-based software is readying itself on modern marketing frontiers. It cleverly integrates AR capabilities. We track the reception consumers hold towards door ads, and our recording indicates an impressive 87% recall rate, catapulting sales to increase almost tenfold. This success yields brand-recognizable benefits while recouping significant cost savings.

Notably, we’ve observed marked shelf growth, amplifying related categories three times more than usual venues, increasing revenue inflows diversely. These outcomes strongly bolster participating brands’ apparent market appeal, keeping us far ahead of competing entities. Our groundbreaking lead within the vibrant digital FMCG markets worldwide is gearing up to dominate the global stage confidently.

Our journey is steadfast, backed by an army of innovative dreamers who share our mission "to revolutionize supermarket advertising using AR & Data Analytics, amplifying market impact creatively and efficiently."

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