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Qloned: Unleash Your Potential and Share Your Creations on the New AI Art Platform

Qloned: Unleash Your Potential and Share Your Creations on the New AI Art Platform

The startup’s new mobile application is poised to revolutionize AI Art creation and consumption

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Project representative: Gildas David Saynac

In the face of growing interest in AI, a fresh force emerges — Qloned. It’s, aiming to make AI Art more accessible, has designed a distinctive user-friendly application where anyone, from enthusiasts to creators, can tap into their creativity and share their artwork free of charge.

In the crowded market dominated by tech-savvy artists and expensive hardware requirements, Qloned stands out by demolishing the walls of technical complexity. With a motto of enabling everyone with the magic of AI Art, it simplifies the creation process, removing the need for robust hardware and technical skillsets.

The platform appears as a breath of fresh air in the arena, freeing from traditional constraints and running against the tide of tedious learning curves. This is a significant step forward, as it opens doors to a whole new wave of creators and art lovers, fostering a creative melting pot of ideas and innovation.

Qloned’s potential also becomes apparent in its vision of being more than just a creative platform. The startup endeavors to create a productive ecosystem where users can interact, feed off each other’s creativity, and grow together. It’s not limited to just the creation but also the sharing and consumption of AI Art in a way akin to widely popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Navigating the intricate landscape of AI Art, Qloned identifies its potential competitors as established platforms such as DeepArt, Runway ML, and Artbreeder. However, these platforms lack the personalized, real-time interactions that Qloned aims to provide.

Qloned has its sights set on the future, projecting to generate revenue via targeted ads, in-app ads featuring users, and premium features. Qloned captivates with its blend of an AI Art social network and a robust monetization model.

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