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Protecting the Younger Generation Online with Angel Protector

Protecting the Younger Generation Online with Angel Protector

Angel Protector uses AI to shield kids online, ensuring safety and privacy without constant oversight

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Project representative: Laurent Hanout

Angel Protector is a startup that strives to carve a niche and safeguard younger generations from the diverse threats lurking in the digital space. This is not just a smartphone app. It’s a mission driven by the critical need to secure our youngsters’ well-being in a thriving digital culture while respecting their privacy.

Angel Protector is built around the heart of AI technology, which sets it apart from other applications using simple blocklists. It fosters a safer digital environment tailored to each age group, curating their online interactions to protect them from damaging exposure.

The user reach extends to parents and guardians increasingly concerned about online safety. Partnering with telecom companies, device manufacturers, and child welfare bodies can also ensure a broader, more effective spread of our innovative solution.

Startling statistics on online abuse signify a pressing societal issue at stake — our children’s well-being. This app mitigates the devastating impacts of online pornography, violence, and predators, preventing likely psychological and social damage to our young ones.

The Angel Protector app uses advanced AI to respond appropriately to the user’s age, running autonomously on any device. This guarantees protection without constant parental supervision, highlighting its significance in today’s world, where shared device usage is expected.

A team with a diverse skill set backs this venture. Laurent Hanout, the strategy consultant, works with our CEO and data scientist, Dr. Rouissi, NLP expert J. Jones, AI/DevOps specialist Y. Timoumi, and our software solutions expert S. Saidi. O. Saadallah develops the AI APIs. Together, they strive to enhance AI-driven safety for all users.

To differentiate ourselves from competitors like Kaspersky Safe Kids, Norton Family, Qstudio, Xooloo, and Google Family, Angel Protector offers live AI filtering within the OS. This real-time, age-dependent protection applies to web surfing and chat interaction and allows for shared usage on any device, including parents’ mobiles.

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