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Pituku: let’s save the planet from garbage

Pituku: let’s save the planet from garbage

Navigating Indonesia’s Waste Management Challenges

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Project representative: Faiz Rinaldy

Introducing Pituku, an innovative tech-powered firm is making its mark in Indonesia. In a country where approximately 80 million tons of hazardous waste are generated yearly, effective waste management is paramount. Surprisingly, more than half of this dangerous waste remains unmanaged. This is primarily because it originates from individual sources and is scattered, making it uneconomical for waste haulers to collect and dispose of efficiently.

Pituku presents a transformative solution: our advanced technology aggregates waste from small-scale producers such as grocery stores, hospitals, manufacturing companies, and universities. This approach enhances hauler profitability and time efficiency since they accumulate waste quickly on one round trip.

But how exactly does Pituku function? It manifests three core values: simplicity, speed, and sustainability. Customers onboard onto the platform select their service type and list their waste details — all with just a few clicks! Following this, an invoice and guaranteed pickup services are sent out within 24 hours.

As a result, Pituku’s integrated strategy marks significant benefits. Cost cuts in handling waste alongside promoting recycling efforts lead to minimized carbon footprints, among other advantages like regulatory compliance ensured via diversion reports.

Contrary to most startups that often grapple with non-hazardous wastes amidst mounting regulatory challenges, these wastes have minimal regulations in Indonesia. These sorting processes are swaying towards exorbitant costs because of inadequate segregation and pose limitations regarding potential profit growth.

This is precisely where we stand differently! Focussed on aiding our clients while keeping sustainability at its heart even amid limited resources or lackadaisical rules that surround non-hazardous waste management.

We’ve made remarkable strides across global corporations coupled with rapid monthly revenue increases, besides successfully doubling our customer base consistently every month for the past four months!

We are working to secure reliable haulers and prepare to face customer dissatisfaction, which may arise due to our desire to change the old way of life.

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