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"Parallel Facts Inc.": independent journalism

"Parallel Facts Inc.": independent journalism

Revolutionizing Nigerian Journalism with Unbiased Reporting

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Determined to blaze a trail in digital journalism, a new startup from Nigeria named "Parallel Facts Inc." is creating ripples with its commitment to unbiased news reporting. The initiative has risen as an answer to institutionalized misinformation and biased journalism prevalent in Nigerian media.

This innovative startup understands that many Nigerians feel underserved by mainstream channels that have leaned towards propagating state-influenced narratives. Rejecting this status quo, Parallel Facts developed a unique platform that aims to transmit real-time news that is not just actionable but also based on solid facts — free of propaganda or censorship.

Through their statement — "Providing Nigerians with authentic, unbiased news free of propaganda; A beacon of true journalism and factual reporting." It becomes abundantly clear what they envision for the future of Nigerian Journalism — integrity above all else. Their target audience extends around the globe, reaching every evocative individual regardless of their demographic who appreciates factual information.

The company excels in tech-driven solutions and automation, which enhance both speed and authenticity in delivering precisely curated content desired by millennials and Gen Z audiences. Through automated tracking systems complementing the efforts of their editorial team, they ensure timely and accurate content dissemination.

The CEO drives an innovative growth strategy beyond politics, focusing on diverse reportage, particularly in the entertainment sector. While overseeing all strategic decisions and expansion plans as CEO, they believe that taking on multiple roles like CTO (Chief Technology Officer) will ensure seamless software development. They will introduce a Marketing Director role to expand their customer acquisition strategies shortly.

Our competitors are from local newspapers like The Punch or Vanguard News, along with international ventures covering Nigerian updates such as BBC Africa Al Jazeera. Parallel Facts differentiates itself by maintaining an impeccable balance between providing real-time updates coupled superbly with meticulous analysis.

Unlike People’s Gazette, which focuses solely on updates, or Sahara Reporters interest in deep investigative articles and Premium Times local news coverage — Parallel Facts Inc. is carving a niche by delivering reliable content. Future monetization strategies include leveraging high follower engagement via ad revenue models promoting ethical advertisement opportunities targeting businesses and individuals.

Due to its mission of providing unbiased reporting, this dynamic startup’s potential remains promising despite possible government backlash, financial challenges, or cyber threats. Current growth projections highlight an upward trend marking their path towards a brighter, revolutionized future for Nigerian media.

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