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Getira: mental health matters

Getira: mental health matters

An innovative startup promoting mental health wellness through personalized support and user engagement

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Project representative: Chad Sultana

Getira is a startup that facilitates mental health wellness with more efficiency and impactful results. The service employs an intuitive chatbot designed to converse and understand every user’s individual mental health concerns. It lays the groundwork for confidence, culminating in decisive actions that pave the path to wellness. Getira steadily connects individuals with competent mental health professionals and supportive communities throughout this journey.

Getira serves two primary demographics — users fighting with mental health issues who are in dire need of professional assistance and service providers looking to connect with such individuals. The startup creates an efficient balance between these categories, allowing quicker mental health recovery for users and providing quality clients to the service providers.

Where recognizing mental health issues becomes challenging, Getira stands with unwavering support. The operation is fueled by the struggle and despair of many individuals grasping their mental well-being and businesses seeking better clientele. By narrowing the gap between service seekers and providers, Getira lends a hand in reducing panic and promoting proactive mental health care.

Their uniqueness lies in our carefully crafted user engagement through chatbot, which tailors recommendations to suit individual needs. Getira focuses on faster support and connections with reliable service providers to ensure professional assistance as and when needed.

Although the journey has just started, Getira has witnessed steady progress. The team has established a significant partnership with a psychologist. At the other end of the spectrum, Getira competes with renowned brands like BetterHelp, Talkspace, Ginger. io, and Calm. Despite the stiff competition, their advantageous edge lies in delivering personalized therapy plans at affordable rates.

Based on an Australian platform, Getira offers free, customized guidance. They focus on creating user profiles that forge beneficial connections with mental health professionals. As for earnings, they stick to a subscription model for therapists who remunerate a small fee for every session facilitated through Getira.

Although risks persist, such as potential privacy breaches, effective interaction among users and professionals, and maintaining service providers’ quality, they are dedicated to overcoming these hurdles while focusing on a user-centric vision. The primary mission is to tell people that mental health matters, as does efficient and cost-effective help.

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