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FeiBull: Creating a Social Network for Traders through Event Predictions

FeiBull: Creating a Social Network for Traders through Event Predictions

FeiBull innovates trading with an event-outcome platform, redefining asset trading and gamifying finance

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Project representative: Phil Chen

If we want to talk about the era of event-outcome-based trading, we can discuss FeiBull — a trailblazing startup that has revolutionized the world of asset-class trading. Their unique trading platform gives investors a fresh perspective, providing them an avenue to diversify portfolios like never before.

FeiBull’s platform proudly confronts the limitations of traditional trading practices and protocols by offering a groundbreaking service: an Innovative Event Derivative Contract Exchange. This platform is crafted for investors thirsty for more than conventional trading routes can quench, providing a robust and riveting platform that redefines boundaries and pushes the envelope in financial trading.

FeiBull’s ingenious invention allows traders to use pseudonyms to place wagers on event outcomes. Predicting accurately earns them earnings and recognition in this flourishing community of finance enthusiasts. A vital aspect of this platform that sets it apart from competitors such as Follow, Polymarket, Augur, and PredX is the gamification aspect that transforms ordinary financial interactions into an immersive, exhilarating experience.

Operating under the principle of "No event is too small for a wager," this never-before-seen platform dabbles in P2P event contracts, offering a platonic love child of social media and derivative trading. A user’s popularity and trust index thrive on the accuracy and success of their predictions, creating a wholly different form of social media interaction that is ripe with possibilities.

The startup, currently helmed by its Founder and CEO, is poised to become an eminent player in the trading industry with a staggering $120 million target valuation.

On the road ahead, the team is setting sights on an ambitious goal: building an affiliate trading program. This undertaking is set to revolutionize the social aspect of trading, allowing users to share in each other’s successes and learn from collective experiences. FeiBull is actively seeking potential seed-round investors from its base in New York to fuel its progress and market expansion.

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