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Eco-Friendly Livestock Feeding: iLIQS’s Breakthrough in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Eco-Friendly Livestock Feeding: iLIQS’s Breakthrough in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

iLIQS revolutionizes livestock feeding with AI and biotech, significantly reducing greenhouse gases and boosting farm efficiency

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Project representative: Igor Peer

iLIQS is a revolutionary startup set to transform the livestock feeding industry. Operating from the niche intersection of biotechnology, AI, and real-time IoT data analytics, iLIQS offers an innovative technology that inputs grains and produces glucose directly on farms. This clever use of cavitation and enzymes significantly improves feed efficiency while slashing greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 70%.

The convenience and effectiveness of this unique approach have huge potential. Farmers and livestock producers no longer need to worry about high feed costs or the environmental harm wreaked by traditional livestock-rearing methods. With the iLIQS solution, they gain a distinct edge in improving livestock health, enhancing milk quality, reducing costs, and making their farms more sustainable.

The team behind iLIQS, led by CEO Vadim Chivian, brings a wealth of insight, passion, and commitment. With Irina Strelet ensuring financial stability, Gleb Hendvarg driving technological excellence, and Chairman Igor Peer providing strategic oversight, this formidable team is poised to take on incumbent industry giants like Alltech, Cargill, and DSM.

What sets iLIQS apart from potential competition, however, is its agile operation and rigorous focus on a single, specialized solution — the efficient production of glucose from grains for feed. This not only fosters superior livestock health and improved milk quality but also cuts back tremendously on methane emissions.

As we venture into 2023, iLIQS plans to use its secured funding to develop an industrial model, expand operations into the Baltic States and Germany, and initiate pilot projects with big clients. iLIQS is truly a pioneer in agricultural technology with a promising outlook.

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