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BookingBase: Changing the Game Rules in the World of Hotel Booking

BookingBase: Changing the Game Rules in the World of Hotel Booking

BookingBase innovates hotel booking, tackling industry issues with tech solutions for cost-effective, transparent services for hotels and travelers

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Project representative: Hector Rodriguez

BookingBase is a startup that’s redefining the world of online hotel bookings. As we all grapple with booking hotels and finding the right deals, BookingBase provides a service that simplifies the process for hotels and travelers. By acknowledging and addressing the common pain points such as high hotel commission costs and lack of significant gains for travelers, BookingBase is on a mission to transform the industry and how bookings are made.

Under the motto, "Transforming hotel booking paradigms for fairness and efficiency; alleviating costs for hotels while delivering true value to travelers," the company’s primary target is individual and corporate travelers and hotels. The solution is an innovative online platform, leveraging advanced systems like Big Data analytics, AI-enabled real-time bidding, and cloud-based services. This makes inventory and operations management more efficient for hotels, enabling guests to place reservations and bid as needed without retaining credit card information.

It’s important to highlight the unique way BookingBase operates. The business model eradicates cumbersome contracts and excessive commissions. Instead, they charge a percentage based on the guest’s savings in real time; this transparency promotes direct relationships, cultivates trust, and generates actual savings.

Despite competition from established Online Travel Agents, the offering is the first of its kind, targeting a gap in the market neglected by these competitors. Through their unique approach to bookings and relationship management between hotels and guests, BookingBase stands poised to disrupt the traditional model.

Although they have not launched yet, BookingBase has meticulously prepared for the launch and the monitoring of post-launch performance metrics. They are also in the process of establishing strategic hubs in South East Asia and Europe.

The team is aware of potential risks, such as changes in technology trends, user behavior, and potential resistance from hotels and travelers. However, BookingBase is confident that their value offering and the trust they cultivate between hotels and their customers will outweigh these challenges. BookingBase aim is to acquire the necessary funding to fuel its global ambitions and continue with further product enhancements.

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