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Bazium: Estonia’s Tech-Driven Startup Revolutionizing Digital Business

Bazium: Estonia’s Tech-Driven Startup Revolutionizing Digital Business

Simplifying Digital Transformation for Businesses

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Project representative: Eugene Tarasov

Bazium is a startup from the tech-savvy city of Estonia. The team is planning a revolution to make every business digital. It is irrespective of its roots and size. The authorized platform is a lifeline for businesses stepping into the IT sphere by offering website-building services, CRM modules, and online stores. All is in one single service!

Bazium translates complex challenges into straightforward solutions by enabling companies to shape their unique tools without necessitating knowledge in programming or involving no-code solutions. What sets them apart seems to be featuring an integrated dashboard for registered users and providing customers with step-by-step instructional courses.

They target two distinct customer groups: freelancers, small business owners, and marketing professionals. Their goal is not to be just another competitor but to act as solid enablers, helping others promote their businesses and streamline customer interactions.

The notable competitors are Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, and several niche-specific platforms, including Shopify and WordPress. com. Bazium pointed out where most fall short: Customer support! Plus, innate flexibility, which gives power, sits rightfully within the user’s hands, allowing perfect customization according to individual needs.

In addition to making complicated processes simple using languages like Ruby On Rails, Angular, and JS. Bazium is also introducing new features that keep the user experience intact and can be easily managed through the intuitive SaaS interface. They entered the international market space after engulfing Eastern Europe’s attention. They have confidently put forth forecasts to expand their customer base to 25k.

Bazium’sgrowth has been constant since it first came into existence back in 2010. Their revenues are standing strong at $120k. This success is attracting more investments, providing a much-needed boost, and paving the way for further development and marketing efforts, solidifying their position as a promising player in innovation.

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