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ANAS: Follow Nature’s pathway: potential human wellness levels with crystals

ANAS: Follow Nature’s pathway: potential human wellness levels with crystals

The products with сrystals are the new chapter of your wellness and skincare routine

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Project representative: Anas Putriss.

Crystals aren’t just to adorn your home or neck; now, they can be part of your wellness and skincare routine, thanks to ANAS Crystal Care. This innovative startup is revolutionizing the cosmetic industry with its patented line of quartz—сrystal-infused products boosted by volcanic water-based formulas rich in natural minerals.

With four years under its belt, the company aims to rescale new heights by expanding distribution channels and enhancing its e-commerce platform. By marrying science with spirituality through every product in their eclectic range, ANAS Crystal Care caters aptly to the needs of mindful consumers—those who dwell within Nature’s comfort but also appreciate the essence of modern innovations.

ANAS’ carefully curated offerings aim at adding peace to users’ lives amid demanding schedules— transforming ordinary routines into a tranquil oasis infused with balance and serenity. Each unique formula motivates individuals to adopt a holistic approach to health while paving space for experiences that recharge one’s everyday rituals.

Their luxury packaging could easily find itself intimidating some brands, from Herbivore Botanicals to Tata Harper, on any beauty shelf. Yet it’s not all about looks: The brand prides itself on sustainability practices, attracting environmentally conscious consumers seeking high-performing eco-friendly cosmetics.

The founders anticipate capitalizing on opportunities arising from geographies such as the Middle East and Hong Kong while revamping marketing strategies via platforms like TikTok catered specifically towards Gen-Z customers worldwide. Further plans include launching new lines featuring Rose Quartz, elevating customer experience where opulence meets self-care.

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