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Addoor’s Technology: new level advertising

Addoor’s Technology: new level advertising

Revolutionizing Retail Advertising with AI Innovation

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Project representative: Taner Yiğit

Meet Addoor Technology, a dynamic startup igniting a revolution in retail advertising with its groundbreaking platform leveraging AI technology. Relentlessly enhancing customer engagement and intuitively driving targeted sales, this resourceful enterprise is one to keep an eye on!

Addoor’s proprietary technology offers the first-ever measurable ad space up to the point of sale. This allows for strategic advertising campaigns with high visibility assured through transparent screens and intelligent doors — guaranteeing 99% visual exposure.

Addoor employs a combination of AI, machine learning, digital signage technology, and IoT inventory management systems. These technologies and expansive Big Data analytics allow Addoor to identify customer demographics accurately. As a result, the company can deliver highly targeted advertisements customized for each branch based on stock movements in individual stores. This auto-generated heads-up mechanism primarily focuses on near-expiry or poorly performing items, optimizing inventory management and customer engagement.

This ingenious design results in compounded growth of brand recognition and revenue while concurrently providing valuable data that can optimize future marketing strategies — pushing new boundaries of profitability for retailers across various chains, from cosmetics outlets and pharmacies to electronic stores, among others.

Gone are those days when ineffective marketing campaigns or low engagement rates threatened profitability! With Addoor at your disposal, expect actionable data insights dishing out an enriched shopping experience by integrating cutting-edge technology directly into their store layout, making every visit unique!

Guaranteed efficient remote data management is achievable courtesy of their advanced system backed by intelligent doors plus 3D cameras designed explicitly for a modern, user-friendly interface — a virtual game-changer!

In fact, within three months after launch, this formidable startup already presents an ambitious blueprint revealing grand plans: Secure testing approvals along with contracts; target 300 installation locations generating $675K sales and ultimately expand reach towards achieving a solid footprint across 1250 branches accruing around $2.47 million via data sales revenues — all projected within just under one-year post-launch!

The overall dream expansion plan includes roping in over half of all Turkish retail chains, forecasted around $150M in revenue, creating an impressive five percent stake overall.

As pioneer innovators paving the way towards dislodging outdated traditional concepts replaced by streamlined futuristic designs shining bright digitally, all the while reinforcing shopper interests & convenience are standout contenders amidst thriving markets ripe prime-for-growth opportunities just perfect timing aligned toward triggering robust, scalable expansions!

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