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Adapt & Overcome: thoughtfully, carefully, therapeutically.

Adapt & Overcome: thoughtfully, carefully, therapeutically.

Assistance for underserved military veterans.

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Project representative: Branden Limprich

With veteran-related issues being front and center in the national conversation, a startup named "Adapt & Overcome" is making waves. This Florida-based nonprofit organization stemmed from the observation of an underserved community desperate for change: military veterans.

Serving those who have helped us is at the core of this NGO’s ethos. Adapt & Overcome was founded by veterans, meaning it profoundly understands their unique challenges and unmet needs. The primary objective here is to inspire physical, mental, and emotional transformation in our heroes returning home from service — often battered by experiences that linger far beyond their tours of duty.

This can be anything but easy as Florida’s pool of 1.6 million veterans faces post-service adaptation dilemmas such as recovery or job re-entry after dedicating years to serving others on brutal battlegrounds overseas. They are frequently left without proper guidance or support during this transition phase. Many turn to pharmaceutical opioids provided by institutions like Veterans Affairs (VA), which fall short when addressing comprehensive wellness solutions available today.

Cue Adapt & Overcome goes beyond mere physical rehabilitation, as it dedicates itself to comprehensive well-being and strives to ignite positive transformations crucial for a triumphant return to civilian life.

Cue Adapt & Overcome’s initiatives are designed to bridge the existing resource gaps between conventional avenues and contemporary approaches tailored for the modern age. One such innovative approach is education on medical cannabis — an alternative method that emphasizes harm reduction over-reliance on prescription drugs.

But what truly sets Adapt & Overcome apart? Its resonating focus is on culture and community. It doesn’t just cater to services — it builds relationships.

The startup was born on November 18, 2022. The group has achieved remarkable milestones, beginning with the rapid launch of a data-driven website. This was swiftly followed by establishing a solid presence on all major social media platforms. They have set their sights high and diligently prepare for their inaugural event on November 11, 2023.

Despite barriers and challenges such as funding, mental health stigma, and medical marijuana regulation, we have attracted the support of over 1,500 members and are committed to continued growth. We rely on daily donations, strategic partnerships, and enhanced public relations efforts. We aim to achieve unicorn status as soon as possible and work diligently to provide optimal relief for those in need. Our mission is to change the current system and give a new vector of development.

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