The Venture Capital Landscape in the Baltics: A Comprehensive Overview - [Download]

The Venture Capital Landscape in the Baltics: A Comprehensive Overview - [Download]

By analyzing the Baltics VC Database, we can uncover intriguing patterns and inclinations among venture capital companies in this thriving area

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The Baltics region, encompassing Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, has emerged as a vibrant hub for venture capital activity. This analysis of the Baltics VC Database reveals fascinating trends and preferences among venture capital firms in this dynamic region.

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Headquarters Distribution: A Diverse Mix

Tallinn is a prominent headquarters location for VC firms, reflecting Estonia’s strong position in the tech and startup ecosystem. London also features prominently, indicating a significant connection between the Baltics and one of the world’s leading financial centers. Other notable cities include Vilnius, Copenhagen, and Berlin, hosting multiple VC firms.

Focus Areas: Diverse Interests with a Tech Slant

The investment focus areas are diverse and strongly inclined towards technology and innovation. The most common focus areas include:

  • Agnostic: Many firms are open to various sectors, suggesting flexibility and a willingness to explore diverse opportunities.
  • Fintech: Reflecting the global trend, fintech is a significant area of interest, likely due to the region’s strong digital infrastructure and innovative financial services landscape.
  • Deeptech: This indicates a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies and solutions that offer profound changes to markets and industries.

Other notable areas include B2B services, Artificial Intelligence, Health tech, Software, SaaS, Mobility, and Climate tech, highlighting the region’s commitment to technological advancement and sustainability.

Investment Stages: Seed and Early Growth

Investment stages primarily focus on the early phases of a company’s life:

  • Seed Stage: This is the most common stage for investment, suggesting a vibrant environment for startups and early-stage companies.
  • Series A: Represents significant growth potential and the scaling of successful startup models.
  • Pre-Seed and Series B: Also featured, indicating support for companies from inception to more mature stages of growth.

Ticket Sizes: Catering to a Range of Needs

The ticket sizes vary, with investments typically ranging from as low as 50k euros to upwards of 3 million euros. This range shows the adaptability of Baltic VCs to cater to different funding requirements, from tiny seed amounts to more significant growth capital.


Diverse firms with varied interests mark the venture capital environment in the Baltics, a strong inclination towards technology and innovation and a commitment to supporting companies from their nascent stages to more mature growth phases. The region’s VC ecosystem is a testament to its dynamic and rapidly evolving startup landscape.

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