Overestimation of the potential value of AI-driven work

Overestimation of the potential value of AI-driven work

Exploring the overestimation of AI-driven work’s potential value. Gain insights into challenges and opportunities in AI implementation.

Brief outline of this article

Sometimes we receive negative feedback about the performance of our product. It is both painful and valuable, hurtful and precious, especially when these reviews provide helpful, constructive feedback that allows us to improve the product.

However, there are times when we receive negative feedback, and upon investigation, we discover that there are two underlying reasons:
1. Overestimation of the potential value of AI-driven work.
2. The "shit in -> shit out" principle holds 100%.

We always appreciate constructive feedback but we want to clarify these two points.

AI, Chat GPT, and our product utilizing them are not magic wands that can turn a very poor pitch into an excellent one for just $9.90. Such expectations are incorrect and inflated.

The principle of "shit in -> shit out" applies here. If you poorly formulate your startup idea, don’t invest time crafting each answer and thinking it through before submitting it to the bot, skip questions, or provide brief one-word responses; no AI can make your presentation turn out precisely as expected.

In its basic version, our product primarily asks the right questions, allowing users to answer them for themselves and their target audience. Our product uses our developed standardized pitch deck template, establishes the correct presentation logic, and the artificial intelligence takes the user’s answers and reformulates them concisely to fit into the template. As a result, the user receives four key documents based on the information they entered: a pitch deck, a teaser, an investor’s letter, and a startup idea canvas.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue enhancing our product and addressing shortcomings. We value your feedback and remain committed to providing a valuable and effective solution for your startup needs.

Thank you for being so supportive.