Insights into the World of Venture Capital and Angel Investing: A Deep Data Analysis - [Download]

Insights into the World of Venture Capital and Angel Investing: A Deep Data Analysis - [Download]

VC and angel investing insights from an analysis of 2247 investors and 221,507 deals

Brief outline of this article

The world of venture capital and angel investing is a dynamic environment where innovation and entrepreneurship meet capital and strategic vision. In this article, we conduct an analysis of an extensive database, which includes information on 2247 investors and over 221,507 investments, to provide a unique inside view of this ecosystem.

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Market Overview

With 221,507 investments and 37,098 successful exits, venture investors and angels play a key role in funding innovative startups and technological breakthroughs. These figures underscore not only the volume of capital available for innovative companies but also the success of these investors’ strategies.

The Role and Impact of Venture Funds

Venture funds, which make up the majority in our analysis, play a crucial role in supporting the early stages of startup development. With 2052 venture funds in the database, they represent the main source of capital and resources for young companies. Special attention is given to accelerators (76) and corporate venture funds (69), which offer unique approaches to investing, including mentorship, access to networks, and strategic partnerships.

Sectoral Analysis

The software, mobile applications, SaaS, and FinTech sectors attract the most investor attention. This is evidenced by 259 mentions in the database. Investments in healthcare and cybersecurity are also notable, reflecting current trends and the growing need for innovations in these areas.

A Closer Look at Investment Strategies

Examining investment strategies reveals how the approaches of funds vary depending on their type and specialization. Venture funds often focus on early stages of development and seeking innovative ideas, while corporate venture funds look for strategic investments that can complement their core business. Accelerators, on the other hand, concentrate on intensive development of startups and providing them with necessary resources and knowledge.

Historical Perspective and Market Evolution

The average founding year of the funds (2009) indicates the maturity of the venture investment market. Changes in economic conditions, technological trends, and global policy have influenced investors’ strategies and preferences. Analyzing these trends helps understand how the market has evolved and what factors will influence it in the future.


This analysis provides valuable insights into the world of venture capital and angel investing, highlighting its significance and dynamism. For those who wish to delve deeper into this topic, the full dataset offers a unique opportunity to explore individual funds, investment strategies, and their impact on various sectors. We encourage readers to download the full version of the file for more detailed information and a better understanding of this exciting and constantly evolving market.

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