Insights into France's Angel Investing Landscape: Analytical Overview of 104 Investors - [Download]

Insights into France's Angel Investing Landscape: Analytical Overview of 104 Investors - [Download]

Analysis of 104 French angel investors: preferences, roles, and activity insights for startups

Brief outline of this article

Angel investors often play a vital role in the growth and success of startups, especially in the early stages. This analysis delves into the profiles of 104 angel investors in France, assessing their investment preferences, professional roles, and activity to provide valuable insights for startups seeking suitable funding.

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Investment Categories

Investors show a diversity of interests: SaaS and Fintech categories each with 3 mentions, reflecting a growing interest in technological innovations. Foodtech and Fashion are also notably represented, highlighting investors’ interest in new identities across various sectors.

Investment Volume

Among the investors, 33 indicated "2023-05-01″ as the date of their last investment, while 31 marked "2023-10-05″. This points to their recent activity in angel investing. Furthermore, 13 investors have more than 20 projects in their portfolio, emphasizing their experience and activity in the market.

Professional Roles

Many investors hold key business roles, including positions of founders and CEOs. These roles indicate deep industry knowledge and experience, making them valuable partners for startups.

Investment Strategies

Angel investors are often attracted to innovative ideas and business models, especially in high-tech sectors. Their investments can support startups not only financially but also provide access to networks, knowledge, and market experience.

The Importance of Angel Investing

Angel investing plays a critical role in the startup ecosystem, providing necessary capital, guidance, and support. These investors are often the first supporters of innovative startups, backing them in their early development stages.


This analysis offers deep understanding of the angel investing landscape in France. For startups seeking funding and mentorship, understanding the preferences and profiles of investors can be key to successful fundraising. We strongly encourage startups to download the complete data file for more detailed exploration of the profiles and strategies of these investors.

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