In-Depth Analysis of Venture Capitalists: Diving into the World of 106 Public Venture Funds - [Download]

In-Depth Analysis of Venture Capitalists: Diving into the World of 106 Public Venture Funds - [Download]

In this examination, we delve into the specifics of 106 public venture capital funds

Brief outline of this article

Venture capital not only finances innovations but also shapes the future of technology and entrepreneurship. In this analysis, we explore 106 public venture funds, highlighting their key strategies, geographic presence, and investment priorities.

Download the "106 Public VC's" database.

Investment Focuses

The sample includes funds with various specializations. For example, 91 Ventures focuses on innovations in Israel, while 122WEST Ventures targets the internet and software sectors. This demonstrates the wide range of interests of venture capitalists, from technology to specific market niches.

Geographic Distribution and Global Influence

Most venture funds are concentrated in North America, but their influence is felt worldwide. This underscores North America’s role as a hub of global innovative activity and its impact on the world economy.

Websites and Portfolios

Many funds have an online presence with extensive portfolios and informational resources. Websites like 122WEST Ventures and 2048 Ventures provide detailed information about their investment strategies and portfolios, a valuable resource for startups and investors.

Connecting Startups with Venture Capitalists

For startups looking to raise capital, understanding the specializations and interests of venture capitalists is crucial. The analysis shows that venture funds often seekinnovative projects that reflect their unique investment criteria and market preferences.

Analytical Approach to Selecting an Investor

Startups need to carefully analyze potential investors, considering their geographic presence and portfolio strategies. This will help them target the most suitable venture capitalists and increase their chances of successful funding.


This comprehensive analysis of venture funds offers deep insights into venture capital and its dynamics. For a more detailed understanding of individual funds and their strategies, we strongly recommend downloading and studying the complete data file.

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