Extended Analysis of Investors in the Tourism Industry from "306 Investors Who Don't Hate Travel" - [Download]

Extended Analysis of Investors in the Tourism Industry from "306 Investors Who Don't Hate Travel" - [Download]

The analysis of the table with 306 investors revealed key trends for professionals and investors

Brief outline of this article

Based on a detailed analysis of a table with 306 investors interested in the travel sector, several key observations and trends can be highlighted that will be of interest both to industry professionals and potential investors.

Download the "306 Investors Who Don't Hate Travel" database.

Diversity of Investor Types

The study revealed that investors represent 6 unique types, including accelerators, incubators, angel investors, and venture capitals. This diversity underscores the multifaceted interest in the tourism industry, where each type of investor contributes their unique input towards fostering innovation and development.

Geographic Distribution

An analysis of the investors’ locations showed that a major portion is concentrated in the Bay Area (79 investors), followed by New York (57 investors) and London (16 investors). These findings indicate that the largest investment and innovation hubs continue to play a key role in the development of the tourism industry, providing startups with access to resources, networks, and knowledge.

Investments in Travel

Almost all investors (301 out of 306) listed specific investments in the travel sector, evidencing a high level of activity and interest in this area. This highlights investors’ confidence in the potential for growth and innovation in tourism, as well as in the possibility of achieving significant returns on investments.

Types of Funds

Angel investors (50 mentions) dominate among the investors, along with combined types including angel investors and venture capital firms (39 mentions). This variety of fund types indicates that the sector is attracting both individual investors and organized funds, providing a wide range of opportunities for business development and scaling.


Investments in the tourism sector continue to attract a diverse audience of investors, from angel investors to large venture capitals, emphasizing the importance and potential of this sector. The geographic distribution of investors confirms the role of key innovation hubs in supporting industry growth and development. Given these data, it becomes clear that the tourism industry remains attractive for investment, offering new opportunities for innovation and growth.

For a deeper understanding of investment dynamics and opportunities in the tourism sector, we recommend downloading the full report, which provides a detailed analysis of each investor, their strategies, and prospective investment directions.

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