Expanded Analysis of Venture Capital in SaaS: A Detailed Review of 132 Funds - [Download]

Expanded Analysis of Venture Capital in SaaS: A Detailed Review of 132 Funds - [Download]

Analysis of 132 SaaS VC funds revealed key trends

Brief outline of this article

Venture capital in the SaaS (Software as a Service) sector is a crucial catalyst for innovation and growth. Our analysis of a database of 132 venture funds specializing in SaaS reveals a unique picture of current trends and strategies in this rapidly evolving industry.

Download the "132 SaaS Venture Funds" database.

Investment Theses and Types of Investors

We observe a wide range of investment strategies. For example, 021 Capital focuses on supporting Indian startups with global potential, while 3one4 Capital does not specify a particular focus, reflecting their flexible approach. Investor types vary from pure venture capitals to accelerators such as 500 Global.

Geographical Distribution

Venture funds cover various regions, from Japan and the USA (RAKUS Co., Ltd.) to more localized markets such as India (021 Capital) and Turkey (500 Istanbul). This highlights the global nature of SaaS investments.

Investment Stages and Ticket Sizes

Funds vary in investment stages, from Pre-Seed to Series D+, with ticket sizes ranging from several hundred thousand to several million euros. For instance, 500 Istanbul offers up to 500 thousand euros for startups at the Seed stage.

Examples of Success and Added Value

Many funds demonstrate successful investments. For example, the Specialist VC portfolio includes successful companies such as Bolt and Veriff, showcasing their ability to recognize high-potential startups.

Importance for Startup Development

Understanding the landscape of venture capital in SaaS is critically important for startups seeking funding and for investors focused on high technology. Analyzing these funds helps identify suitable partners and develop strategies for successful investment attraction.

Analytical Approach to Choosing a Fund

Startups should carefully analyze potential funds, considering their geographical distribution, investment preferences, and history of success. This will help target the most appropriate options and increase the chances of success.


For a deep understanding of venture investing in SaaS and to identify potential investment opportunities, we strongly recommend downloading and studying the full data file.

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