Deep Dive into Baltic Venture Capital: Detailed Analysis of 116 Funds - [Download]

Deep Dive into Baltic Venture Capital: Detailed Analysis of 116 Funds - [Download]

Our examination of 116 regional venture funds reveals significant patterns and potential prospects for both startups and financiers

Brief outline of this article

Venture capital in the Baltics is gaining momentum, attracting the attention of international investors. Our analysis of 116 venture funds based in this region uncovers key trends and opportunities for startups and investors.

Download the "116 The Baltics VC" database.

Overview of Venture Funds

Funds such as Specialist VC, Lemonade Stand, and Superangel represent a broad spectrum of investment strategies. They range from specialized sectors like AI, software, and Fintech to broader agnostic approaches.

Geographic and Sectoral Diversity

These funds cover not just the Baltic region but also extend their influence to Central and Eastern Europe and the global market. For instance, Tera VC invests in startups across regions including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the Czech Republic, highlighting their extensive geographic reach.

Investment Stages and Ticket Sizes

The funds invest in various stages of startup development, offering amounts from 25 thousand to 2 million euros. This demonstrates their flexibility and ability to support startups at different growth phases.

Examples of Successful Investments

The portfolios of these funds include many well-known companies. For example, Bolt and Veriff are part of Specialist VC’s portfolio, showcasing their successful strategy of investing in high-potential startups.

Role of Venture Capital in Ecosystem Development

Venture funds play a key role in the development of the startup ecosystem in the Baltics, providing not only funding but also strategic support, knowledge, and networks.

Importance for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Understanding the dynamics of venture capital in the region is critical for startups looking to attract investment. The analysis of these funds provides valuable data for forming capital-raising strategies and choosing suitable partners.


This comprehensive analysis of Baltic venture funds is an invaluable resource for startups and investors. For in-depth exploration of each fund and identification of potential opportunities, we recommend downloading and studying the complete data file.

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