"260 Investor List": The Essential Tool for Finding the Perfect Investor - [Download]

"260 Investor List": The Essential Tool for Finding the Perfect Investor - [Download]

The list of 260 investors is incredibly beneficial for startups and entrepreneurs in search of financial support

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"260 Investor List" is immensely valuable for startups and entrepreneurs seeking funding. Featuring information about investors such as David Meister of and Chris Moreno of 80/20 Fund & Real Estate Tech Fund, this list opens the doors to the world of venture capital and angel investments.

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Investment Interests and Specializations

The list covers a wide range of investment directions, from AI/ML to BioTech and CleanTech, offering startups a unique opportunity to find the perfect investor matching their industry and needs. This diversity highlights the multifaceted nature of the modern investment landscape and facilitates more accurate matching of investors with projects.

Check Sizes and Investment Approach

Investors offer various investment sizes, crucial for understanding the financial capabilities and limitations of startups. For instance, the check size ranging from $200,000 to $400,000 offered by David Meister indicates his preference for investing in startups at earlier development stages.

Leadership in Investment Rounds

An important aspect is investors’ willingness to lead investment rounds. For example, 468 Capital is ready to lead rounds, which can be valuable for startups needing an experienced and active lead investor.

Frequency of ’Cold’ Investments

A notable feature of the list is information on the number of investments made without prior acquaintance. This is an indicator of investors’ openness to new opportunities and willingness to take risks by investing in unfamiliar projects.

Geographic Diversity and Contact Information

The list covers a global spectrum, featuring investors from different countries and regions. The provided contact information eases the process of initial outreach to investors, reducing the time spent searching and establishing a direct line of communication between startups and investors.


"260 Investor List" is more than just a list; it is a bridge between innovative ideas and capital. For startups and entrepreneurs aiming for growth and success, this document could be a crucial element in finding suitable funding.

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