Automated Investor Outreach Tool

Do you have a pitch deck that you've improved with the help of our service, "Your pitch deck — PitchBob's Feedback"? Have you trained your pitch with our AI VC Coach service and downloaded investor databases from our library?

Now it's time for investor outreach, and here comes our new service that disrupts the startup brokerage market, eliminating hefty fees charged by brokers for doing the same work manually.

Revolutionize your investor outreach! The automated solution for reaching thousands of investors.

PitchBob's Sender is the investor outreach automation tool designed to help founders grow their businesses. Our team specializes in streamlining the investor outreach process, freeing up your time to focus on what matters — building and expanding your company.

Are you tired of spending hours searching for investors' emails and sending out the same pitch repeatedly? With our automated fundraising outreach tool, PitchBob Sender, you can easily send your pitch deck and cover letter to a database of over 120,000 investors, including VCs and angels, with just a few clicks. Expect around 50 leads for every thousand emails in less than a week.

Save time on tedious tasks like Googling or hunting for contact information and focus on what matters most — growing your startup and securing funding.

How it works:
  1. Please provide us with your pitch, cover letter, and access to a dedicated mailbox on your domain.
  2. We'll send your materials to 120,000+ investors from our database.
  3. Receive dozens of leads and close those deals.
Expected results:
  1. ~50 leads per 1k emails for a promising startup with a good deal.
  2. ~10 leads per 1k emails for a startup with no clear idea.
  3. More than 5k investors are in our database.
  4. Don't miss this opportunity to close deals and take your startup to the next level. Contact us today and kickstart your journey!
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is PitchBob Sender, and how does it work?

PitchBob Sender is a service that helps entrepreneurs and startups send their startup pitches and cover letters to a database of investors. It saves time and effort by eliminating the need to search for investor contact information and send out pitches manually.

With just a few clicks, PitchBob Sender provides access to a vast pool of investors, potentially accelerating the growth and success of your startup.

What types of investors and funding stages does the database at PitchBob Sender cover?

Our investor database includes a diverse range of tech and IT-based investors from various countries and regions. We cover different funding stages, including seed, series A, and beyond, focusing on early-stage tech or IT-based startups.

Can PitchBob Sender guarantee investment after using the service?

Our investor database includes a diverse range of tech and IT-based investors from various countries and regions. We cover different funding stages, including seed, series A, and beyond, focusing on early-stage tech or IT-based startups.

Do you provide funding for startups?

We do not guarantee leads or investments since it depends on the quality of the startup and pitch. However, we guarantee the delivery of our service and provide a report detailing the recipients of your material and the dates they were sent. Transparency is our priority.

Is it legal, and will it harm my reputation?

Our service operates within legal boundaries, and we organically send relevant messages to investors in our database. We prioritize your reputation and your company, ensuring no harm is done.

Can I achieve the same results on my own?

Yes, you can spend time downloading investor databases, collecting contacts, and sending emails manually. However, our service offers an efficient and time-saving solution.

How much does it cost?

Our fixed price for PitchBob clients is $490.

How can I be sure that emails are sent?

We use SendGrid infrastructure or your own SMTP credentials to send emails, providing reports and ensuring transparency.

What if my email goes to an investor with a conflicting investment focus?

Investors who are not interested will kindly reject your application. No harm is done, as investors leave many startups each month. You can still engage with them later or leverage the rejection to your advantage.

How many leads can I expect?

The number of interested investors depends on the quality of your pitch deck and the industry your startup operates in. Different industries attract varying levels of investor interest.

Do you have real estate investors in your database?

No, PitchBob Sender focuses on startup investments and primarily includes VC investors.

How many investors are in your database, and where do they come from?

As of June 2023, our database contains nearly 5,000 investors. Please note that the list only includes investor names and websites, and we manually gather the necessary contact information, such as emails.

How will PitchBob Sender affect my startup’s reputation?

Investors who do not find your pitch fits their investment focus may reject your application. However, a rejection based on your company’s stage can still leave a positive impression, and you can explore future conversations or even leverage the previous denial.

How long does it take to send out my pitch to investors?

You, for .PPT version you can import data or charts from external sources into your pitch deck. You can include relevant data points, graphs, or visualizations to support your businessWe offer two sending options. The first option, using SendGrid, takes four days, including one day for the outreach and the rest for SendGrid approval. The second option, using Gmail-style infrastructure, has email limits and takes up to a week, allowing 500 emails to be sent daily. case and impress potential investors.

What is your refund policy?

We provide a 100% refund until the first letter is sent. After that point, no refunds are available.

Can I pay after you send out my pitch deck?

Yes, you can, but it will cost double the price of your chosen plan. Additionally, you will need to sign an agreement with our Estonian/USA/Israel company.

Dima Maslennikov
Founder & CEO
Tel Aviv, Israel