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Revolutionizing education with exciting, safe, and interactive gaming metaverse.

The Idea origin story

Our startup, Bravy, is revolutionizing education by combining the power of the gaming metaverse with traditional school studies. It's an innovative, interactive platform where children can independently explore and learn school subjects through a highly engaging gaming experience. We ensure a safe, age-appropriate environment, offering parents the peace of mind they deserve.

The Mission

We aim to create an engaging, safe gaming metaverse where kids independently explore academic subjects, offering parents educational peace of mind.


kids 4-12 years old and their parents, also we want traditional education system to use our platform

Problems we solve

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Our solution addresses the need for a healthy, educational gaming alternative, bridging digital kid's world with academic content.


PitchBob’s recommendation: Bravy merges traditional education and gaming into a self-learning metaverse, fostering curiosity in kids while enabling parent oversight of progress.

Our technologies

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Our startup, Bravy, is transforming learning for 4-12 year olds by integrating interactive gaming metaverse with traditional syllabi in a secure environment. Our mission is to facilitate self-paced exploration of academic subjects safely and delightfully, providing educational assurance to parents and the conventional education system also benefits from our platform. The challenge we address involves making learning fun while maintaining its effectiveness and relevance. Technologies useful for us include Metaverse technology, VR/AR, blockchain tech for safe transactions & game development software

How it works

Bravy is a comprehensive platform that merges educational gaming for kids with parent-set rewards, progressive educator-driven content, and talent cultivation opportunities for businesses.

Value for the client

Bravy provides safe, engaging digital education for kids, reassures parents and modernizes pedagogical practices to keep pace with children's online engagement.

Market and strategy

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In addition to the existing ones, you should consider including a technical expert for platform development, a growth marketer and customer support specialists.



Competitors include established gaming platforms like Roblox and Minecraft, which appeal to children but lack substantial educational content. Educational mobile games offer limited engagement, while digital curriculum products, although educationally valuable are outdated in their approach.

Our Advantages

Our product uniquely blends engagement with education, outperforming others in its league. Where gaming platforms miss the learning opportunity and mobile games lack immersion, we offer an engaging metaverse that entices kids to keep learning even after school bell rings.

Business model

We offer a freemium model with a $15/month subscription for parents, and partner with educatiion publishers.


We've validated our product idea through extensive interviews with parents, working closely to ensure we address their needs and concerns before launching. Our commitment to customer insights guides our advancement.


Our startup effectively utilizes DAU to monitor daily user engagement. Retention rate helps us measure the consistency of users' interest over time. We manage CAC to optimize customer acquisition cost and LTV allows us evaluating projected revenue per client lifespan.


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Key risks

The main risks could stem from managing user data security, compliance with international education regulations, the challenge of keeping content engaging and up-to-date, as well as penetrating into a market dominated by established educational and gaming enterprises.



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