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Inclusive Talent Development Platform

The Idea origin story

CultureLancer, our innovative talent development platform, empowers emerging talent from disadvantaged communities. By leveraging real-time data and AI, we facilitate preskilling and upskilling for a more efficient economy. We deepen labor market understanding, illuminate career paths, and enable talent acquisition strategies to close skill gaps swiftly.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower emerging talent with the necessary skills for employment success. We leverage AI to bridge education-industry gaps, foster informed decisions, and improve the future of work.


hbcu and msi students, companies with source college talent, and seed stage startups

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

CultureLancer addresses the disconnect between education and career paths, guiding users to align their skills and aspirations with industry demands. Our platform empowers emerging talent, especially from underrepresented communities, by providing personalized pathways to rewarding and purposeful careers.

Confirmation of problem

Many in marginalized communities face limited access to efficient career guidance, perpetuating the skill gap crisis.


Our platform, CultureLancer, bridges the gap between education and career development. We especially focus on underrepresented communities by delivering personalized pathways that align individual skills and aspirations with industry needs. Through this, we facilitate a seamless transition from education to meaningful careers

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

AI, real-time data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and cloud computing technology.

How it works

CultureLancer's AI curates personalized career paths and skill growth opportunities by evaluating users' abilities, interests, and market trends.

Value for the client

We bridge education-industry gaps, offering personalized career pathways to emerging talent for employment success and swift skill acquisition.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


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My key role in the product

My key role is the Founder and CEO of the startup, where I handle strategy, operational decisions, team leadership and business development.

Team size and key members

Consider adding a marketing specialist, financial advisor, and operations manager for comprehensive business strategy and execution.



Possible competitors could include larger, established companies like Handshake and LinkedIn Learning, as well as emerging platforms like Coursera, Skyhive.AI and Eightfold.AI.

Our Advantages

CultureLancer leverages AI to provide unprecedented advantages including dynamic skills mapping, personalized career path development and real-time labor market insight. We equip users with crystal-clear guidance for efficient and agile navigation of their career paths.

Business model

students pay 10/m or 100/yr for access to platform and opportunities, companies pay 5000 for 90 day projects, enterprise pay 20K


We've successfully onboarded over 300 users, built a community for MVP V2, hired a technical lead, and reshaped our product roadmap for the beta launch. On top of graduating from an accelerator program, we’ve joined the 'Jobs For Future Youth Skills' program as Entrepreneur in Residence.

We've achieved pivotal milestones, consistently exceeding outlined objectives and targets. Continual advancement is integral to our ethos as we strive for innovative solutions.


Our metrics center around three core aspects: Active Users, marking our daily engagement; User Retention, outlining customer loyalty and long-term usage data; plus Projects Posted/Completed ratio indicating effectiveness in bringing ideas to fruition.


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Key risks

Main risks could be unanticipated changes in technology or labour market dynamics, insufficient user adoption, challenges in scaling offerings to meet demand and potential difficulty securing ongoing funding.




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