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GAEA: Enabling transparent, efficient climate action via AI, Blockchain, IoT.

The Idea origin story

GAEA revolutionizes the carbon credit market with a transparent, efficient, and environmentally robust platform. As the first to secure over 4,000 GWh/year of green energy for tokenization before launch, GAEA stands out. Integrating blockchain, AI, and IoT, GAEA enables real-time tracking, verification, and AI-enhanced services, addressing transparency, greenwashing, and inefficiency issues. This transformative approach positions GAEA to revolutionize the carbon market into an effective enabler for green projects.

The Mission

Vision: Revolutionize the carbon market for efficient green projects. Mission: Using AI, Blockchain, and IoT for a transparent carbon credit platform.


Our primary customers are major government energy companies, carbon credit buyers/sellers, green project investors, and developers.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

GAEA solves transparency issues with real-time tracking and verification using blockchain. AI and IoT mitigate greenwashing risks, ensuring environmental integrity. The platform streamlines trading, reduces inefficiencies, and enables secure transactions. By tokenizing green bonds and carbon credits, GAEA opens up new green investment opportunities.

Confirmation of problem

The problem's relevance is affirmed by soaring demand for reliable, transparent carbon credits due to rising net-zero commitments.


GAEA combines blockchain, AI, and IoT to establish a reliable platform for efficient carbon credit tracking, verification, and trading.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

How it works

The GAEA solution combines blockchain, smart contracts, IoT, and AI to automate carbon credit trading processes, ensuring transparency and integrity from generation to retirement.

Value for the client

GAEA enables efficient access to a trustworthy carbon credit market, aiding in sustainable investment and trading of validated credits.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

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My name’s

Shad Serroune

My key role in the product

As GAEA's founder, I provide strategic direction for our blockchain-based carbon credit system, leveraging AI and IoT for market transparency.

Team size and key members

You could benefit from adding a marketing specialist to boost your startup's visibility, and an expert in regulatory compliance for environmental topics.



there don't appear to be any existing platforms that comprehensively combine all 7 of the AI capabilities proposed by GAEA for carbon credit trading. While some platforms leverage AI for specific aspects like project evaluation or pricing data, GAEA aims to uniquely integrate AI across the entire lifecycle from automated verification to portfolio management and smart contract automation.

Our Advantages

GAEA's unique advantages come from its end-to-end AI integration, innovative hybrid blockchain architecture, and advanced IoT in carbon credit trading. It stands out as a comprehensive, transparent and highly automated solution unlike any other platforms.

Business model

GAEA earns by selling carbon credits. We project $266,586,800 annual revenue at $50 per tCO2 in OTC and VCM markets.


PitchBob's recommendation: In the past 6 months, GAEA has progressed in integrating AI, IoT, and smart contracts into our carbon credit trading system. We've achieved key milestones such as developing AI models for verification/pricing, deploying a smart metering infrastructure and establishing a hybrid blockchain architecture featuring Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum & XDC networks.

Upon exhausting the $30M investments in approximately 7 months, our GAEA platform expects to be fully operational—raising revenues via carbon credit sales on OTC and VCM markets. Complete rollout will encompass blockchain infrastructure, IoT metering & AI contracts integration.


PitchBob's recommendation: We track key product indicators across our tech stack, which includes Hyperledger Fabric and XinFin's XDC network for blockchain, smart contracts for automation and transparency, IoT devices and AI models for real-time data handling & processing, as well as Quorum for cross-chain functionality.

We've raised $1.9M for blockchain development and marketing and signed a lucrative contract with EDL, gaining access to carbon credits from their 27 green plants. This deal is projected to yield an annual revenue of $266M selling the credits at $50 per tCO2e.


Our company incorporated in

london uk

Key risks

Potential risks for my startup include regulatory changes, reinforcement of data security measures as we rely heavily on blockchain and AI, as well as competition from existing or new market players with similar technology solutions. Receptiveness and adaptation of the carbon credit market towards revolutionary tech innovations are also key challenges.




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We’re looking for a co-founders

I am currently seeking a co-founder to join me at GAEA, a game-changing startup leveraging AI, Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to revolutionize the carbon credit market. Our ambitious vision is to create a transparent and efficient platform that addresses the current challenges of transparency, greenwashing, and inefficiency in the carbon market, making it a powerful enabler for green projects. As we face the rising demand for reliable and transparent carbon credits due to the increasing net-zero commitments worldwide, the relevance and impact of our work could not be clearer. We estimate our potential market size to be around $300 million per year. In the role of co-founder, you will join me in providing strategic direction to our pioneering blockchain-based carbon credit system. We have already developed a minimum viable product (MVP), but we’re looking for someone who can help push GAEA's growth to the next level. With your help, we aim to secure a significant share of the market within the next

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Additional information

the GAEA platform combines blockchain, AI, IoT, and smart contracts to create a comprehensive, transparent, and automated carbon credit trading system. It leverages a hybrid architecture with Hyperledger Fabric and XDC Network for enhanced security, interoperability, and market access.