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Truism: Bridging the gap between Ugandan farmers and profitable markets with tech.

The Idea origin story

Truism connects Ugandan smallholder farmers to profitable markets by promoting pulse production for food security, climate adaptation, and soil health improvements. Leveraging technology, we link farmers with food processors and consumers, enabling eco-ethical consumption and farmer well-being.

The Mission

Revitalize the dry pulse value chain to create dignifies and fulfilling work for smallholder farmers and Youth with focus on climate adaption, and digital economy


Food processors & pre urban consumers

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

difficulty in sourcing these pulse, dirty, unsort and impurities filled pulse, low nutritional values

Confirmation of problem

Food processors lose upto 30% of the stock purchase due to poor post harvest handling,


Truism utilizes technology to provide food processors and consumers with ethically-sourced, traceable pulses promoting farmer well-being alongside sustainable quality food products.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

Agri-tech, AI for predictive analysis, IoT for farm monitoring, blockchain for transparent supply chain & mobile apps for market linkage.

How it works

Our solution offers forecasting, credit rating, soil testing and analytics; facilitates quality-based payments for pulses while providing insightful monitoring of data.

Value for the client

PitchBob’s recommendation: We simplify pulse sourcing for clients, offering premium products at reduced costs, while uplifting farmer income by 50% and promoting a sustainable digital economy.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s


My key role in the product

My key role is championing the responsible cultivation and consumption of pulses, superfoods with vast benefits that are cost-effective for all levels of society and promote climate smartness.

Team size and key members

Consider adding a Chief Financial Officer for financial oversight, a Tech Lead for product development, and HR Manager for workforce optimization.



Besides Bringo and Nampiya Farmers Market, consider other players in the agritech sector who may also be creating tech-enabled bridges between farmers and buyers. Simultaneously, any enterprises or NGOs promoting sustainable farming practices could potentially compete with your venture.

Our Advantages

Our dry pulses enjoy an extended shelf life compared to fresh produce, offering a protein-rich alternative to meat. The nutrient-dense nature of these products makes them an essential component for health-conscious consumers and those pursuing dietary alternatives.

Business model

We generate revenue by selling high-quality, impurity-free pulses to food processors and various retail outlets such as supermarkets and restaurants


Our product portfolio has evolved significantly, expanding from an initial range of 4 to a comprehensive selection of 12 offerings. Simultaneously, we've streamlined our operations by automating production processes for increased efficiency and growth potential.

Our startup has experienced a remarkable growth trajectory, skyrocketing by 310% in its progress. This significant leap underscores our team’s commitment and relentless pursuit toward driving unprecedented results.


Our startup ensures a remarkable 80% seasonal increase in production metrics, measured by tons. Committed to generating robust markets for all produce, we have successfully on-boarded up to 2000 farmers ready and eager to contribute their growth shares.

Our financial trajectory shows significant growth, with our revenues rising from $1,818 in 2021 to an impressive projection of $95,909 by 2024. This scale-up reflects our strategy's effectiveness and the rapid expansion of our venture.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

The main risks would include volatile market prices, potential technology adoption barriers by farmers, climate change impacts on farming conditions, and possible difficulties in achieving traceability in the supply chain.




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Our Investors

Bootstrapping, founders

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Additional information

As a women-led social enterprise, we forge direct partnerships with smallholder farmers, driving transformative change in their lives.