Maman Biomedical Inc.
Date of Foundation

Maman Biomedical Inc.

Early-stage combination therapeutics-medical device startup with the mission to improve the fertility treatment experience.

The Idea origin story

One in six couples globally experience fertility challenges at some point in their lives. I am one in six, and I have experienced first-hand that the fertility treatment experience is financially, physically, and emotionally taxing. As an experienced Materials Scientist, I recognised the opportunity to combine slow-release drug delivery technologies with current IVF technologies to re-imagine the current standard of care, and Maman Biomedical was born.

The Mission

To improve the fertility treatment experience though the development of patient-centered innovations.


Individuals and couples requiring fertility treatment to control egg development for the purpose of social freezing or conceiving.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Despite the many advances in fertility treatment over the years, there exists no method still that eliminates the burden of multiple daily injections over consecutive days for women undergoing fertility treatment, which continue to be painful, traumatic, and inconvenient.

Confirmation of problem

Ethnography data gathered from various social media platforms reveal the following concerns associated with taking injections: Usage (48%), Trauma (26%), Pain (15%); Convenience (7%), Cost (4%). Surveys - Out of the women with lived experience with fertility treatment identify who have participated in our fertility market research survey to date, 74% identify some form of a pain point associated with taking injections.


We are working at the interface of materials science and drug therapeutics to develop novel fertility treatment therapeutics/medical device products that minimize the injection frequency, reduce discomfort, and provide improved convenience to women undergoing fertility treatment.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

For women undergoing fertility treatment (social freezing, IUI, IVF) who are negatively impacted by taking multiple injections per day over a typical treatment cycle, Maman Biomedical’s slow-release microarray needle patch, Maman PatchTM will eliminate the need for daily injections during a given treatment cycle, resulting in an improved fertility treatment experience with zero pain/trauma from repeat injections, assurance of consistent and accurate dosage, and minimal impact on lifestyle during the treatment cycle.

How it works

Both of these offerings will employ our proprietary advanced slow-release drug delivery technologies, delivering the required drug dosage over the required time interval safely and effectively.

Value for the client

We are developing innovative therapeutic devices that eliminate the burden of multiple daily injections for women seeking fertility treatment, affording an improved treatment experience with zero pain/trauma from repeat injections, peace of mind for consistent and accurate dose dispensation, and minimal lifestyle impact.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal

2% within the first 3 years upon FDA clearance

% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Latchmi Raghunanan

My key role in the product

My key role is CEO and head of scientific research, responsible for strategic decisions, team leadership, and breakthrough innovative research.

Team size and key members

Roopchand Raghunanan, Chief Operating Officer. Bringing strategic and executive leadership experience. Mosfera Chowdury, Product Development Manager. Bringing engineering and startup know-how. Ligi George, Marketing & Communications Manager. Bringing brand and communications expertise. Brian Webb, Advisor. Bringing serial entrepreneurship and business startup/R&D translational expertise.



Our competitors include fertility clinics, pharmaceutical companies and other tech startups working on similar or alternate innovative methods to deliver the fertility treatment pharmaceuticals into the body (e.g. orals, suppositories, custom-compounding).

Our Advantages

Our solutions already find applications in comparative medical applications such as diabetes treatment, indicating a strong market readiness compared to other technologies still at the early R&D stages (e.g. orals). Further, our solutions solve all of the identified pain points, making for a strong competititve advantage. Paired with our founders passion and our team's technical, business and leadership expertise, we are well-poised to make an immediate and significant impact.

Business model

B2B2C - we target the doctors and clinics prescribing treatments at the fertility clinics and treatment centers, and the users seeking treatment from these clinics and centers who pay for these prescriptions to be filled.


We have identified proprietary drug delivery technologies for controlled release of pharmaceuticals used in fertility treatment. These innovative technologies are currently being validated.

We're making rapid and significant strides in our journey, advancing rapidly through the ideation and discovery stages of product development into validation. Our team has doubled in size, and we have grown our LinkedIn following to just under 200 members in under 3 months. This progression reflects rigorous research and ongoing commitment towards unrivaled healthcare solutions.


LinkedIn traction: 181 followers in 90 days Incubators accepted into: 6/8 Inkind funding: CAD7000; 80hrs x 5 Legacy media mentions: 4 Core Team: 4


Our company incorporated in

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Key risks

1. Risk associated with early stage research and development delaying or derailing the project. Mitigate with a detailed, informed roadmap; employ an advisory committee with complementary skills to the teams'; implement and enforce rigorous project management practices to control scope; and introduce early QC to control quality and reduce rework which saves time. 2. Complications during FDA trials delaying or derailing the project. Mitigate with early FDA engagement during R&D/preclinical Pre-IND stages to ensure robust pre-clinical experiments in alignment with FDA expectations.



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